• Perseus Knitted Tie

Perseus Knitted Tie

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Perseus is revered as the greatest Greek hero in ancient mythology. Armed with a polished bronze sword and divine winged sandals, Perseus flew into Medusa's cave and severed her head, freeing Mount Olympus of her supreme villainy. Highly appraised by the ancient Greeks, this Perseus Knitted Tie design is a demonstration of divine quality. Navy and green hues are emanated throughout this tie and will embed your tailored looks with an air of nautical finesse. This Perseus Knitted Tie is handwoven from a pushed knitted blend and immaculately tailored with diamond-cut finish. Imbued with luxurious texture and versatile fabric, wear this in-house design as a knock-out adornment to your evening looks.  


Colour : Navy Blue, Green


Knitted Tie Style : K403-T

This item's measurements are

  • 150 cm length
  • 6.8 cm widest point approximately
  • 3.8 cm narrowest point

  • Care

  • Dry clean
  • Hand made

  • Specifications

  • Microfiber
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