• Light Blue Pocket Square with Pink Stripes
  • Light Blue Oxygen Three Point Pocket Square Fold with Pink Stripes
  • Light Blue Pocket Square with Pink Stripes Winged Puff  Fold
  • Light Blue with Pink Stripes Fabric Pocket Square X045

Light Blue Pocket Square with Pink Stripes

$8.00 AUD

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Pocket Square by OTAA

The Light Blue Pocket Square with Pink Stripes Pocket Square is a nuanced classic, and this OTAA version is kitted out with extra stylish and luxurious details. Each handkerchief is hand-crafted using a threading technique that makes them incredibly luxurious and reduces the stretch of the handkerchief. A splash of discreet blue, pink and white is added to beautifully increase the texture. They are then lined on the inner portion to add volume to the handkerchief by hand in a process that takes meticulous precision and time to achieve the deep, mottled fabric, making each piece unique.

The Light Blue Pocket Square with Pink Stripes is best complemented with a grey suit. For formal and handkerchief events, it would look ideal with a 3 piece suit
Product Code : X045-PS


  • Dry Clean
  • Hand Made
  • 100% Polyester
  • 24.5 cm x 23.5 cm (9.6” x 9.2”)
  • Satin / Sheen Finish
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