• Cutlass Yellow Tiger's Eye Bracelet
  • Cutlass Yellow Tiger's Eye Mens Bracelet

Cutlass Yellow Tiger's Eye Bracelet

$40.00 AUD

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Highlighted with an exquisite panther charm, OTAA's Cutlass Yellow Tiger's Eye Bracelet is ebullient with sharp design and detailing. The panther is an apex predator, existing at the top of the food chain with no wild predators to threaten it. In Aztec times, the panther was a symbol of power and strength, depicted in countless artworks and ceramics for nobility. With sentiments of power and fortitude at the forefront, this bracelet is a bold fruition of impeccable design. Tiger's eye is a chatoyant gemstone with a golden yellow and brown colour and lustre finish. The yellow and brown stripes of this stone appear to swap complexions when viewed from different angles. The Cutlass Yellow Tiger's Eye Bracelet is adorned with a gold panther charm that was impeccably hand-chiselled from rhodium. Wear this bracelet as an adventurous completion to formal and casual attires. 


Product Style : 088-BR

Bead Type : Yellow Tiger's Eye

Bead Size : 8mm

Colour : Yellow, Gold


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