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African Martial Eagle Pocket Square

$20.00 AUD

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OTAA’s African Martial Eagle Pocket Square makes a fierce statement. The martial eagle is crowned as the largest eagle in Africa. It’s a powerful predator that spends much of its day soaring the skies in search of its next prey. Its name comes from the Latin word Martialis, meaning ‘from Mars’- the Roman god of war. Inspired by ferocity and power, OTAA gives you this confident handkerchief.


The African Martial Eagle Handkerchief features brown, white and yellow eagles that soar across a navy blue canvas. Constructed by hand and tailored from a plush satin fabric, this pocket square demonstrates the label’s signature high-quality perspective. Luxuriously comfortable and superbly stylish, this African Martial Eagle Pocket Square showcases diagonal embellishments for a textured appearance. Designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA.


Pocket Square Code : M717-PS


    Colour : Navy Blue, Brown

    Pocket Square Style : Animal Design



    Dry Clean
    Hand Made
    100% Microfiber

    30 cm x 30 cm (11.8" x 11.8")

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