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Wholesale Skinny Ties




Wholesale Skinny Ties

The Brothers at OTAA have the largest collection of skinny ties for your perusal. Drop the Brothers a line at or use the contact form to organise a wholesale rate and set up some awesome OTAA slim ties in your store.

Large Skinny Tie Orders

If you don't have a shop but rather a keen interest in skinny ties (or a small organisation or committee) and you want to arrange a large order, email through to or use the contact form to arrange a code to use at OTAA.COM for yourself or your team.


Corporate Discounts

If you're interested in arranging a large order of skinny ties for a corporate event or for your workplace, drop us a line at and we'll be able to arrange a corporate discount that can be used whenever the next event pops up.

Hospitality Uniform Orders

If you need skinny ties on a recurring basis for uniforms in the workplace, branded or unbranded, drop us a line with the details and we'll sort out the rest.



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