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Wholesale Pocket Squares

Join our team across the globe to stock some Melbourne-designed ties and accessories. The OTAA Team is Global We have our guy based in London guy who looks like Bradley Cooper to do our website. The journal writer lives left off a donkey track in Tunisia and the OTAA artist claims he will do only two jobs in his life – chisel Michelangelo's Statue and complete basic, two-dimensional OTAA drawings. Welcome aboard at OTAA.

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all cardboard and paper packaging is recyclable and reusable. brewed up and designed in melbourne, australia by 2 brothers who drink too much caffeine and watch too many marvel movies. access to otaa visual merchandising stands. support all year round - come aboard and be part of our crew.

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Our mission is to save the ocean one bottle at a time
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Who knew a person could have this much fun and ease ordering from a company? It was sheer joy from placing the order to the on time delivery! I can hardly wait to do business with this company again and I plan to tell everyone I know about my experience.

Wholesale Pocket Squares

Wholesale Pocket Squares

The Brothers at OTAA have the largest collection of pocket squares for your perusal. Drop the Brothers a line at or use the contact form to organise a wholesale rate and set up some awesome OTAA handkerchiefs in your store.

Large Handkerchief Orders

Large Handkerchief Orders

If you don't have a shop but rather a keen interest in pocket squares (or a small organisation or committee) and you want to arrange a large order, email through to or use the contact form to arrange a code to use at OTAA.COM for yourself or your team.

Corporate Discounts

Corporate Discounts

If you're interested in arranging a large order of pocket handkerchiefs for a corporate event or for your workplace, drop us a line at and we'll be able to arrange a corporate discount that can be used whenever the next event pops up.

Hospitality Uniform Orders

Hospitality Uniform Orders

If you need pocket squares on a recurring basis for uniforms in the workplace, branded or unbranded, drop us a line with the details and we'll sort out the rest.




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