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How To Tie a Tie

What Neckties are in Style?

Whether you want to look perfectly smart for a formal occasion or you simply want to impress your date with an outfit they will never forget, simply pick up a suit with a necktie. With a ton of options out there that add a dose of personality to your wardrobe, you can definitely turn on the charm with these dapper neckties for the sophisticated gent. 


Necktie Style


We bring you some of the neckties styles that are in vogue:

Solid Neckties: This is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Dark-hued and rich coloured, solid neckties such as burgundy, green, purple, and blue are the safest and most versatile options. If you’re looking for a rich and refined dark color with a low lustre for your formal business meetings, opt for solid neckties. Besides, you can choose solid pastels, high-sheen or visibly textured neckties for more relaxed business meetings.


Brown TieBurgundy TieGreen Tie

Foulard Neckties: Sometimes referred to as the “wallpaper ties”, these are the ties with a repeating, symmetrical pattern in a gridded block array. If you desire to sport a bold dress without being too gaudy, foulard neckties are a superb option. Sporting a dark blue necktie on a lighter blue or a pale pink shirt can definitely accentuate your looks.


Foulard Tie


Knit Ties: These ties come back around so often, it is worth having a few on hand. With a visibly bumpy texture, these knit ties are larger and bulkier than the more common woven versions. These men’s neckties are for bigger guys and those with broader faces. Further, knit ties are an ideal option when you’re looking to sport a vintage look or if you need a bit of texture to spruce up your flat looks.


Knit Tie


Bowtie: The bow tie for men has earned its place in sartorial history. If you have decided to make a statement, pick up bow ties as it’s a classy accessory.


Bow ties will definitely define your aesthetic sense and even your personality. Go for colours like light blues and pinks as they are in vogue. Additionally, look for lighter fabrics. Silk and wool bow ties are best suited for formal affairs.



Bow Tie  Diamond Bow Tie


Choose your ties carefully, keeping your existing wardrobe in mind, and get that sharp-edged and hand-selected look.




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