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What Bow Ties Go Well with a Navy Blue Suit?

It's common in the warmer seasons to have a handful of weddings to attend and it certainly puts the pressure on your wardrobe variety. We all know a friend who's used to wearing the same navy blue suit to all weddings he goes to and doesn't necessarily care about being seen in the same assemblage twice. 

To avoid such situations, in this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to use your navy blue suit with different bow ties or ties without blowing your hard-earned money on upgrading your wedding-ready wardrobe or while making your presence felt in someone’s big day.
Always ensure to keep the tones of inner layer piece as subtle as possible. For instance, opt for shirts that are white, beige, or a lighter shade of blue. To keep it more contemporary, you can opt for geometric mosaic pattern or Breton stripes. Besides, here are some of the navy blue suit and tie combinations that you can try.

Blue Suit with Pink Tie Combination


Blue Suit with Pink Tie

A blue suit with a pink tie can work wonders for your overall appearance. Pull on a blue suit over your white shirt and add a pink tie to make an otherwise sedate combination a whole lot more elegant. 


Blue Suit with Red Tie Combination


Blue Suit with Red Tie

 Team up your dark blue suit with a waistcoat and a red tie to make a classic statement. The combination of red and blue can undoubtedly make your look a timeless success if you're able to get the hues just right. Over time, a blue suit with a red tie has proved to be a timeless and sophisticated masterpiece. 


Blue Suit with Blue Tie Blue Tie Combination

Blue Suit with Blue Tie


If you are looking forward to sporting an all-blue look, try out navy blue suit shirt and tie combination. Your blue suit against a white shirt punched up by an awesome blue tie will certainly enhance your overall look.


Blue Suit with Black Tie Combination


Blue Suit with Black Tie


Black on black works great for your formals and your blue suit with a black tie will shine if you're able to ace it correctly. In fact, a blue suit enhanced by the boldness of black tie is a rare combination so it still packs a "wow" factor when you sport it at formal events. 



Blue is the new black and it's known for its versatility. You can also pair your navy blue suit with a bow tie in the above-mentioned combination.

Dressing up for a wedding doesn't have to be an a financial pressure if you know your way around your accessories. Wearing the same suit to multiple occasions is absolutely fine just so long as you accessorise with smarts. 



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