Tying a Half Windsor Knot

The half Windsor Knot is the modest and more simple version of the Windsor Knot and is an ideal look for most dress shirts. Although slightly small, it is also more wide and thick when compared to the Four in Hand Knot. The Half-Windsor knot is best used with light and medium-weight fabric neckties.

Half-Windsor Knot Instructions:

  1. Fold the shirt collar up, undo the top button and place the necktie around your neck. Ensure that the narrow end of the necktie is 5-6 inches higher than the wide end and that the inseam faces inside towards your body
  2. Form a loop by pulling the wide end of the tie through the gap between your neck and the necktie
  3. Take the wide end of the necktie, place it at the front and ensure it is slightly tight. After that, take the same end of the tie and wrap it behind the narrow end of the tie
  4. Wrap the wide end of the necktie again back over the front of the narrow end whilst creating a loose loop at the front
  5. Again, pull the wide end of the tie through the gap between your shirt collar and the tie and then continue to pull it through the newly created loop
  6. Adjust and tighten to neaten the knot and place your collar back down over the necktie. Your Half Windsor Knot is complete