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Toby Maher

Mr. Toby Maher – ‘the agent of real estate’, is a down to earth real-estate tycoon. He won’t admit that – but much like the ‘Ari Gold’ of Entourage, he knows how to close a deal and do it with style. Mr. Maher is a perfect match for a magazine cover. He knows to swim between two waters, the profession, and his personal style. He has been the image of innumerable fashion brands and sheds style wherever he goes. This finest gentleman has a lot of class and we cannot miss him in the exclusive list of our stylish Men of OTAA!

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What is a typical day like?
  “Hectic... a day starts off with an extra-large mocha and bagel to get me firing. Then it’s into the office to clear through last night’s emails or send out anything I have thought of when waking up in the middle of the night in a panic. Then we hit the phones, book appointments for clients to view our display suites and schedule a meeting to give the boss a rundown of who we are chasing”.
“From there it’s on the road chewing the fat with clients and making sure they feel comfortable with their decision. My nights consist of dinner and a flick/narcos with my housemate and maybe the gym when we feel like it”.
Your dress code provides a guide about your persona. What's the dress code for Mr. Maher on a daily basis?
“My dress code has changed due to a new workplace, from Italian style tailored suiting to a lot of colour blocking with chinos and blazer or jeans and open collar. I'm having a lot of fun adapting to the new style and seeing how it works with items that I already have”.

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Tell us, Mr. Toby, how would you like to spend 24 hours in New York and where would you go?
“First things first, suit up and check out as many talk-easy bars and hidden gems I could find. I love the bar scene, especially when they are hidden by unique entrances such as phone booths and libraries”.
Are you a moviegoer? Name your favorite three films that people need to see -
“American Psycho, Wolf of Wall Street and “Snatch”
You can manage your mood by listening music. What have you seen, watched or listened to lately?
“I just came back from overseas so my Spotify has been getting a workout. I'm in love with ‘Ministry of Sounds Sunday Chills’ playlist as well as Bruno Mars’s new album... that is straight fire”
People get a second mortgage for home repairs, improvements or even for a pair of shoes. What’s your opinion, do you need a second mortgage?
“Do I need to take out a second mortgage for shoes? Hell No! There are so many new and exciting local brands that if you do your research and follow the local guys, you'll find some great styles of amazing quality that won't hurt your back pocket. Stick to your basics when buying expensive pairs, or else you will never get enough wear out of them”. 
What does success means to you and how do you measure it?
 “Success for me is when I see a joy on a client’s face and we have a genuine connection with each other that surpasses a superficial business relationship. Success isn't necessarily what you have. I like to look at what I have done for myself and for others”.
The world of fashion flirts constantly with Mr. Maher. He dresses casual but does not resign to look elegant with suit whenever he can. His style and elegance have made him an image of several men's fashion brands and is why we’ve adopted him as our exclusive Man of OTAA.





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