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The Types of Collar Stays

If there's one thing that's consistent in the fashion world, it's that price doesn't necessarily dictate quality. Sometimes it does, but not always. Collar stays are one of those refreshing accessories that ensures what we pay for is generally the quality that we can expect. It's pretty simple: you spend more, you get more and vice versa. 


So how do we choose a perfect pair of collar stays when there's so many materials out there? Which ones are worth spending a dime on and which ones are a waste of time? This in-depth guide will take you through the types of collar stays and their materials so you can select the right pair for your budget and needs. 



Suit with Collar Stays


Styles of Collar Stays

Sewn-in Collar Stays

Sewn-in collar stays are drastically less common than their individual counterparts. Sewn-in collar stays are just as they read: they're sewn in to the collar of your shirt. The upside of this is that you don't have to go to the store to make a separate purchase for collar stays. The downside? You don't have the option of wearing them with your other dress shirts. The type of collar stays you'll find sewn-in to dress shirts generally depends on the exclusivity of the store you're purchasing from. The most common type of sewn-in collar stays are plastic, but if you're at an up-market suit boutique, you can find anything from stainless steel to brass collar stays sewn-in. 


Individual Collar Stays 

The most common style of collar stays you'll find are sold individually from dress shirts. They come in a variety of materials like plastic, brass, stainless steel, silver and gold. The benefit of these is that you can insert them into any dress shirt you like, the downside is that they can be easily get lost. 


Types of Collar Stays

Plastic Collar Stays

Plastic collar stays are the cheapest and most accessible variety of all. They can be bought from a variety of convenience stores in large quantities so they're incredibly easy to replace. The tradeoff for these affordable numbers is their effectiveness and quality. Because plastic is a light material, it has limited capacity to anchor down your shirt collar. It definitely will stop creasing happening throughout the day but it won't create that sharp, flat-lined look.

Plastic Collar Stays


Stainless Steel Collar Stays

Stainless steel is another common collar stay material. Stainless steel collar stays are found at an enviable crossroads between wallet friendly and effective. These are sleek and crisp and will give your collars a flat-lined look without weighing you down. Essentially, they combine the best of both worlds. These collar stays make a superb gift choice as many of them will possess an engraved message. 



Stainless Steel Collar Stays 

Brass Collar Stays

Brass collar stays are in the popular budget friendly category with stainless steel ones. They're perfectly weighty and will do the job in creating a sharp and crisp look. These numbers can be commonly found with engravings on them, and because of their warm colour complexion; they look superbly classic and polished. 


Brass Collar Stays


Gold Collar Stays and Silver Collar Stays

Gold and silver collar stays cater for the opulent spender who desires something he can pass down through generations. These will give a luxurious crisp appearance and will be a significant investment for the years to come. Quite exorbitant in price, a pair of gold or silver collar stays will set you back a few hundred dollars at the very least. Be sure to make wise considerations when purchasing a pair of these accessories and make sure you have a safe box too keep them. 


Gold Collar Stays



Magnetic Collar Stays 

Magnetic collar stays give that extra assurance of sturdiness and weight. These come with a magnetic stud that clasps onto the underside of the collar when the collar stay is in place. The benefit of these is that they will do their job in anchoring down your collar and you won't have to worry about the fabric getting creased.  


The Verdict

Metal collar stays, such as brass, stainless steel and rhodium; are without a doubt the most effective and pocket friendly option to go with. If you're savvy about money and care about quality, these collar stays perfectly combine the best of both worlds. However, if you're looking for a special heirloom to give as a gift, or to pass down through the family tree, then a carefully selected pair of gold or silver collar stays will be an appropriate choice. 






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