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Mitch Semon

Mr. Semon our Californian Man of OTAA and coiner of the ‘Headless Suit Lover’ has transcended the men’s fashion landscape with his sharp and punchy combinations. Mr. Semon, Banker by day has a panache of Wolf of Wall Street embodied in his sophisticated style. Similar to DiCaprio in Wall Street, Mr. Semon knows when to have a laugh and snap on a suit.
Here's what his average day is like and we must confess—it's fascinating.
Mr. Mitch Semon, your average day is a mystery to us. What is a typical day like?
(He smiled and answered)
 “I go to the gym every morning, it’s literally the first thing I do after I wake up. I tend to wake up roughly around 4:45 am. After the gym, I head back to home, eat breakfast and then get ready for the day. I like to shoot my Instagram content before work each day so that I have time to edit and post”.
He adds: “I then head to work. I work in a bank so I very much have the 9-5 schedule (well more like 08:00 am-05:00 pm) after work I like to come back home and relax on the couch and unwind. Once in a while if I get the itch I will go grab a happy hour with some friends/coworkers from time to time”.
Every fashion influencer has a public persona that to some extent is at odds with the man inside. What do you like outside of fashion?
“I love the outdoors. Living in Southern California allows me to get out and spend a lot of time outdoors just about every weekend. I frequently go on hikes with a group of friends of mine and I love going to the beach. I love working out and I go to the gym five days a week”.
Different careers require professional dressing. What's your dress code on a daily basis?
“Suits and Suits...Since I work in a bank and the dress code is fairly conservative. Shirt and a necktie are the absolute minimum, however very early in my career someone whom I respect a great deal told me to “dress for the job I want, not the job I have” and from that day forward I have worn a suit to work each day. I should clarify; I wear a jacket to work each day. (Sport coats or blazers) it’s not always a suit”.
 Social networking sites say a lot about you. Which social media platform are you most active on?
“I am BY FAR the most active on Instagram. I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends who live far away and I Snapchat quite a bit. That is really all I have time for”.
Lots of people love to read. What’s your favorite genre?
“Anything related to men's Fashion, home décor, and food. I also like a lot of the memes out there. They are usually good for a laugh”.
How has life been for you since you have become a fashion influencer on social media? Do you need to take out a second mortgage for shoes? 
“Yes, that might be a good idea. Shoes can get expensive, however, I can say from experience that inexpensive shoes are not only uncomfortable but they also wear out much quicker. Fine footwear is indeed an investment but absolutely worth the money. If you have the means, I recommend investing in high quality footwear. You won't regret it”.
What do you wear on a casual Saturday? Are there any special outfits for your weekend plan?
“I wear jeans and a button up or t-shirt or if it’s warm out, shorts, tank top, and boat shoes. I am very laid back on the weekends”.
Whether you're seeing friends, family or someone special, the key to having a truly great time is in the outfit.
Think of Mitch Semon and an image immediately springs to mind, The Fashion Influencer. When it comes to his everyday life truly outside the spotlight, we can only wonder... until now. Mr. Mitch Semon is a charming and gracious addition to our Men of OTAA.



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