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Matt Hartman

Matt, the I.T executive from Arkansas has managed to transform the men’s fashion landscape with his flat lay photography and incredibly unique style. Matt has a particular sense of style in two words would be summed up as 'The Kingsmen' style.
His style is not just about his attire, it’s more about his attitude. Mr. Hartman the I.T executive has managed to hack the sensibilities of great fashion and display it perfectly in his fashion posts. 
With more than 73,000 followers on Instagram, Matt has managed to express his own style. Following the patterns that distinguish the Men of OTAA, Matt takes back the classic gray and dark blue and checked suit with the right accessories.
Beyond his fashion persona, arguably in many cases, Matt has been and will always be a style icon for all who respect the American legacy.
For Matt, being the Man of OTAA is synonymous with having a signature style. Matt revealed what he does during a normal day of his life. And this is what we know so far.
He wakes up very early to get ready for his work. He usually takes snaps for his Instagram feeds and the day goes on.
Matt loves “Flipboard” to capture all the content in one place. After running some small errands, Matt heads back to home.  When he is home, eat dinner, change, and watch TV.  Survivor, The Americans, Luke Cage, Vikings, and Rectify are some of his best TV Shows. By the way, The Revenant, The Hateful Eight, and Arrival are some of his recommended movies. Before going to bed he updates Instagram and fell asleep right away.  
Between his work and other activities, he usually has little time during the week to play. In his life, there are nuances, variations and a lot of diversity.
He is not just a symbol of style and elegance, but he also lives a vibrant life outside of fashion. Running, Professional Sports (Baseball, Football mostly), Music, Movies, Magazines (GQ), Fantasy Sports, and TV Shows are some of his favorite activities and time pass hobbies.
In addition, there are a lot of fun things which he does indoors for those days when there is bad weather or, simply, he does not feel like going out. 
What does he wear on a casual Saturday? Matt regularly post on social media so people see what he wear every day. The only thing he conceals is what he wear when he get back to home after work.
The musical tastes say much of the personality of each. Listen to his favorite songs and you could become the master of karaoke. The Weeknd “Starboy” and Metallica “Hardwired” are some of his favorites.
Now you know some curious facts about Matt Hartman, the gentleman from OTAA.



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