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The Cardinal Man

Elegance is not about money. It’s a matter of personality and Mr. Filippone has it. Our Melbourne based fashion influencer ‘The Cardinal Man’ knows what clothes to choose from. He knows exactly how to recreate fashion without abandoning his unique style. Like Oceans 11 - Brad Pitt, the suits are impeccable, summery and bold. His impeccable outfits and the impressive choice of colors make him a proud addition to our Men of OTAA.

Ultralight Beam

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This is one of the things we want to know about Mr. Matt Filippone. What is a typical day like?
“Double shot espresso, work, gym, then catch up with my girlfriend or friends for dinner”
To have class and to be elegant is not only the dress or the fashion, it is an attitude, and it is to dress properly in every moment. What's the dress code on a daily basis?

Purple Pane

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“A three-piece suit and monk strap shoes”
Formal or casual, our gentleman is a benchmark of style!
Mr. Matt, what do you like outside of fashion?
“Wake boarding, riding my motorbike, gym and catching up with friends”.
No rules involved!

Floral Pleasure

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Social Networking: Do you prefer any network to share photos with for your business?
What kind of content interests you when you spend time on social media?
“Beautiful scenery and bold fashion combinations”

Work, Rest & Plaid

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What magazines do you subscribe to and which of these magazines do you like the most?
“GQ Australia and Men’s Health”
What websites do you read every day?

Camouflage Couture

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An orderly route and being realistic, what to see and do in New York in a day?
“Visit family, get a drink from Jimmy’s corner bar and spend the night in the meatpacking district”
Do you have any useful tips on travelling long fights?
“Drink a lot of water bring good headphones and a magazine”

In Bloom

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Long flights! Unfortunately, it is the only realistic way to go from point A to a point B.
Mr. Matt’s traveling tips will help us all.
Modern technology may feel inescapable, but there is a measure of reassurance in it taking care of us. What is some cool tech you are using?
“My new beats by Dre wireless headphones”

London calling

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24 hours in Dubai, what do you do? Share you realistic opinion
“Hire a Ferrari and do some base jumping”
It is impossible to have seen all the films that have been made throughout history. Name any three films that people need to see
“The Crow, Bad Boys I or II, It’s not a film but any episode of Seinfeld”
Prepare popcorn!

Red Alert

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What have you seen, watched or listened to lately?
“Chance the rappers new album”
There are few documentaries that show the harsh reality. Do you recommend any documentaries people need to watch?
“Really need to start watching some”
You better start watching!

Time for the weekend, what's everyone got planned?

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So do you need to take out a second mortgage for shoes?
“Better make that a third”
Mr. Matt, what is your indicator for measuring success?
“Being happy with life”

Blue Blood II

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Few men can make fashion an experience like Mr. Matt Filippone. From the street influences of Melbourne, mixed with the urbanized coffee culture, this gentleman is able to reshape men’s fashion. The neat and fresh combination of Mr. Filippone’s wardrobe makes him one of the best-dressed men and a top fashion influencer on social media. The best thing about him is that he wears a suit like few other men can. He deserves praise for his great style options from professional to personal level. He is an exclusive addition to our Men of OTAA.



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