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Larry Lim

Mr. Lim is a freelance explorer, adventurer and blogger behind the brain child 'The Simple Gentleman' and when it comes to his job, he is the best. Practically the Harrison Ford of travel and modern style, this Australian-raised gem has a great allure and most of all, charm. This is why he is our Man of OTAA.

Suit up, hustle and do it with passion or not at all. Wearing @OTAA.Australia accessories, @Liquid_Co watch & bracelets by @abello_man

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We usually start our day with a glass of water and then hit the gym and rest for a while. What is a typical day like for Mr. Lim?
“All days vary seeing different clients and going to different locations. However, it all starts with sitting at a cafe with my laptop and coffee in hand. After getting emails sorted I visit clients and start shooting products/people then after, edit all photos”.
He continues: “I try to mix things up by meeting with other creative and business owners. Throughout the week I team up with photographers and shoot a couple lifestyle looks for The Simple Gentleman. After a full day, I go to the gym lifting weights and light cardio”.
“Rinse and repeat”
And the icing on the cake: Your Attitude!

Blue ✖️ Brown // @otaa.australia tie + pocket square ?

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Nothing can be compared to a well-dressed handsome man. What's the dress code on a daily basis?
“I wear creative smart casual on most days. This incorporates a well-fitted shirt, chinos or slacks, loafers and blazer on occasion. In the winter season, I throw on a big winter coat matched with boots”.

New @otaa.australia knit tie from the latest @sprezzabox. . Make sure to use THESPLGENTLEMAN for 10% off your first box.

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Now we know how to get the Larry Lim style. Tell us, Mr. Lim, what do you like outside of fashion?
“Outside of the fashion world, I run a social media agency helping build brand and create content. I have a passion for photography, capturing the right moments and love storytelling through photos”.
He adds: “On the regular, I visit various cafes to take in the atmosphere and interior. By having a change of scene helps stimulate creativity and also gives me time to sit back to take in the little pleasures in life, good coffee”.
It is a fun way to spend your time reading interesting content. Mr. Lim, what kind of content interests you?
“I like a mixture of travel, fashion and personal growth. It’s all about the value of the content I consume. I try to read/watch how to’s, insights and what’s up and coming”.

Colour matching your tie with @SoxHQ socks in some dapper @windsorsmithmen shoes.

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Any recommendations or advice on travelling long fights so your followers can enjoy the most of their vacation?
“I have three tips for long flights:
Wear comfy clothing and shoes
Sound cancellation headphones
Have your entertainment ready to go (movies or books)”

Green with envy ? Accessories by @otaa.australia Watch: @liquid_co

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We have another question for your next creative entry on the blog: how do you measure personal success?
“Success means different things to different people. For me, success is the expectation you set for yourself and your goals in life. It’s about setting out what you want to do, taking action and reaping the rewards. It’s what you put in that will show how much success you will have”.

Up close details featuring @rossrinowatches ⌚️ ➕ @vinwallet ?

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Few men make fashion an experience like Mr. Lim. He has a remarkable dressing style and he prefers comfortable looks to the day composed of jerseys, dark jeans, and typical black shoes. With a preference for modern lines, Mr. Lim has certainly overshadowed many gentlemen in the costume department. He gets points of style that is unique in every way.

Success doesn't just come and find you. You have to go out and get it! ? @sprezzabox // @otaa.australia

A photo posted by Mens Fashion Style - Larry Lim (@thesimplegentleman) on

All our Men of OTAA are fashion gurus, as they stroll through social media with a unique signature style. Mr. Lim is one of those finest men!



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