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Kurt Chen

Like Jackie Chan’s Police Story, Mr. Chen is a Cop by Day and a fashion guru at night. Mr. Kurt Chen, part of the ‘Four Gentleman’ of Gent Squared. The chap knows how to mix suits and ties better than anyone. The Gent Squared group are Taiwan’s best dressed and run the Fashion Blog which displays suiting combinations and men’s styling advice.   
Kurt Chen  
Mr. Chen’s quirky and risky style sets trends on social media, with over 30,000 Instagram followers - he is gallant whilst tasteful when outfitted, especially when it comes to his personal picks. He bets on tailored suits that combines with precise OTAA accessories like no other. He is a fashion icon with sartorial styling!
We are curious to know Mr. Kurt what’s your dress code on a daily basis?
“My daily dress code would be ‘sport coat’, it's casual enough to wear a pair of jeans, and also you can dress it up with an OTAA tie”.
We appreciate how you give importance to your appearance and hairstyle. So what do you wear on a casual Saturday?
“Jeans, a sport coat and a polo shirt inside, it's a signature look of Gentsquared and we would like to share it with everyone”.
Which social media platform are you most active on?
“Instagram is the platform that I use most because of we can have more privacy than Facebook. And I can focus on what I am really interested in”.
You got any travelling advice without suffering long fights?
“If you have a business trip on a flight, I think a high Fresco suit would be useful, the cloth won't be wrinkle and it's breathable enough to make you comfortable through the flight”.
If you are about to embark on a long plane trip, just follow these tips not to suffer!
Do you enjoy reading on the blogs on the internet? What websites do you read every day?
“A permanent style. It really inspires me, fashion, style and also life style”.
What parameters are you using to measure your personal success?
“Success would be different to different people, but for me, success means I can do the job that I’m really interested for a living, just like fashion”.
It is difficult to 'catch' Mr. Kurt Chen in a renunciation of style, even when trying to go unnoticed among the crowd. He is not necessarily the most modern of gentlemen, but we must adore his fidelity to the classic light colours.
Anyone can wear a suit, but not like him. His appearance is of an Adonis, and he is an honorable addition to the Men of OTAA.



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