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How To Tie a Tie

How To Tie a Velvet Bow Tie

The velvet bow tie is the one that's mostly associated with James Bond. When paired with a tux, and perhaps a martini in hand, a velvet bow tie is just one jet ski away from making you 007 himself. However, knowing how to tie your velvet bow tie is your first assignment. It's thicker and more robust than any other bow tie you own so it will take a bit of extra care to tie it properly. But because you're Mr. Bond, you never miss a detail. You're going to follow this tutorial and get every detail spot on. That's just what you do. This velvet bow tie tutorial is also appropriate for wool and linen bow ties as they're also particularly thick.

Velvet Bow Tie tying steps

How To Tie a Velvet Bow Tie - steps How To Tie a Velvet Bow Tie - steps How To Tie a Velvet Bow Tie - steps
  1. Adjust the length of the bow tie so it’s long enough to sit just below your chest.
  2. Place the bow tie around your neck with the right end lower than the left end.
  3. Cross the long end over the top of the short end towards your left.
  4. Pull the long end up through the neck loop from underneath and pull to fasten. Place it over your shoulder so it’s out of the way.
  5. Take the short end that’s hanging down and pull it horizontally across your collar. The fold should be on the right side. It should create a bow shape.
  6. Take the end that’s over your shoulder and bring it down over the center of the bow.
  7. Pinch the two sides of the bow inwards towards the center.
  8. Slide your finger through the loop at the top of the bow tie to make sure there’s enough room.
  9. As you keep pinching the bow inwards, take the bottom end of the bow tie and slide the folded part through the loop at the top, from right to left. This can be a little tricky.
  10. Slide the fabric through half way so that it sits evenly on both sides of the bow tie. There should be a fold and an end on either side of the bow.
  11. Pull the folded parts tightly on both sides to fasten the knot.
  12. Keep adjusting the ends back and forth until they’re even.
  13. When the knot is fastened and both sides are even, you’re ready to finish up.
How To Tie a Tie


Velvet bow ties are synonymous with opulence. They exude luxury from their subtly sheen, indulgently smooth fabric. Velvet has long been associated with royalty. In the 14th century, King Richard II asked to be buried in the stuff. What does this mean for you? You're going to look damn noble.

Styling Tips

You've got a velvet bow tie, sir. I'm assuming you have a tux too. Let's put two and two together and come up with the most sophisticated ensemble of all time. A tux and a velvet bow tie. We're getting shivers just thinking about how damn good you're going to look.

Folding Tips

Velvet bow ties are notoriously more difficult to tie than other bow ties. Why? They're thick and sometimes a bit less flexible. That doesn't mean they're not worth the hassle. Velvet bow ties are incredibly sophisticated. Just take your time and ensure you follow this tutorial to a tee. Make sure you fasten the first knot tightly so it can hold firmly on your neck.
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