How to Tie a Prince Albert Knot

This type of knot, similar to the Double Windsor Knot, requires two wrappings and therefore more tie length. It is ideal for more formal occasions and best achieved using ties with a thinner material. Because it uses up more length, shorter men may prefer this type of knot.

Prince Albert Tie Knot Instructions:

  1. Place the wide end of the tie significantly lower than the narrow end to account for the need for two wrappings
  2. Put the wide end on top of the narrow end and wrap it around. Repeat this twice more to achieve the larger style look
  3. When at the last wrapping form a loop in the front. Slip the wide end of the tie through the gap between your neck and the tie through the loop
  4. Adjust and tighten to neaten the knot and place your collar back down over the necktie. Your Prince Albert Knot is complete!