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How To Tie a Tie

How to tie a merovingian knot

The Merovingian Knot, or The Matrix Knot, is named after The Merovingian from The Matrix franchise. This tie knot actually existed well before The Matrix films and was originally known as the Ediety Knot. It boasts an intricate folded knot that places the skinny end on the outside of the necktie. It basically looks as if it's wearing a smaller version of itself. Only a man with villainous style can possibly pull of this tie knot as it was literally worn by a villain. If you want to introduce a rebellious perspective to your style, the Merovingian Knot is the way to go. Just give it a bit of patience and practice! Blue pill or red pill?  

Merovingian Knot tying steps

How to tie a merovingian knot - steps How to tie a merovingian knot - steps How to tie a merovingian knot - steps
  1. Place the tie around your neck with the wide end lower than the skinny end. Position the wide end on the right and the skinny end on the left.
  2. Cross the wide end underneath the skinny end towards the left.
  3. Fold it up through the neck loop.
  4. Pass it down to the left side.
  5. Cross it over the knot towards the right.
  6. Fold it up through the neck loop from underneath.
  7. Pass it down to the right side.
  8. Wrap it behind the knot towards the left.
  9. Fold it up through the neck loop.
  10. Pass it down the back of the knot so it sits behind the skinny end.
  11. Lift up the skinny end to reveal the knot.
  12. Pass the wide end through the loop you've created in the knot behind the skinny end.
  13. Take it down to finish and adjust the necktie as needed.
How To Tie a Tie


The Edeity Knot has existed for a long time before it became the Merovingian Knot. It was a rare knot that was invented roughly a century ago but it became popularised when The Merovingian wore it in The Matrix films. That's when the Ediety Knot inherited a new name: the Merovingian Knot.

Merovingian Knot Styling Tips

By its nature, the Merovingian Knot is inherently bold. So why not take it all the way and pair it with a bold tie as well? If you want to make the Merovingian Knot look less villainous than its name and legacy, pair it with some outlandish pinks and polka dots and see how much of a statement you can make! There's no point in wearing this bold tie knot if you're not going to own it and be confident about it.

Pressure Points

The Merovingian Knot is fiddly and intricate. If you want to accomplish it without tiring yourself out mentally, make sure you take care with each step to ensure that the skinny end sits evenly in front of the wide end at the end. You want to avoid lop-sidedness at all costs!
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