How to Tie a Four in Hand Knot

Learn How to Tie a Four in Hand Knot

The Four in Hand Knot creates a more narrow and simple knot, perfect for most dress shirts and necktie fabrics. It is easy to master and the most common tie knot used today.

It is the oldest tie knot that was invented in the 19th century by British horsemen. Whilst holding the reigns of the four horses of the carriage, they would tie their scarves with the other hand- hence the name.

The knot creates a longer and slightly asymmetrical shape and is best suited to striped and solid coloured ties. It is also used best with standard button-down dress shirts to create the classic look.

Four in Hand Instructions:

  1. Fold the shirt collar up, undo the top button and place the necktie around your neck. Ensure that the narrow end of the necktie is 5-6 inches higher than the wide end and that the inseam faces inside towards your body
  2. Put the wide end of the necktie on top of the narrow end to wrap it around. Keep the narrow end straight down whilst doing this
  3. Continue to loosely wrap the wide end on top of the narrow end and create a loop at the front 
  4. Loop the wide end between your collar and the incomplete knot. Then continue to pull the wide end through the loosely created loop in step 3
  5. Adjust and tighten to neaten the knot and place your collar back down over the necktie. You Four –in-Hand knot is complete!