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Greg Rainbird

Mr. Rainbird, British by birth & Canadian by choice - This Dual Citizen like Jason Bourne has an alluring enigma. Mr. Greg Rainbird is definitely the most pleasant addition in our Men of OTAA. His peculiar style is characterized by original combinations like slim cut suits paired with OTAA accessories. Mr. Rainbird uses what suits him no matter what brand it is. As a matter of fact, he is the perfect combo of elegance and masculinity.

Back at it! Let's roll 2017!

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A typical day in the life of Greg Rainbird, what’s that like?
“My life has never been typical. I moved from England almost 14 years ago to my new home in Toronto Canada. It’s been awesome journey ever since! One of my passions aside from Men’s Fashion is Technology and I am one of those few people that get to work in a vertical that aligns perfectly with my interests”.

50 shades of blue...

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“As a Client Executive for Lenovo, I get to speak with a variety of people covering a myriad of IT topics from PCs, to phones all the way through to Data Centers. With that in mind, my days are always different and I jump out of bed with a spring in my step”.

A driven mindset creates a successful outcome...

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For daily life, we mostly prefer jeans, cotton shirts, and plaid shirts, getting a casual style without losing a bit of elegance. What's the dress code on a daily basis?
“My wardrobe choices allow me to stand out from the regular IT crowd here in Toronto. Generally swamped by oversized Polo Shirts and Baggy Chinos … I wear slim cut suits or jeans, shirts and of course ties … and lots of them! I don’t think I can put my style into one specific bucket but I dress to impress”.

Here are Mondays details! Let me know what you think!

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Social Media is hot right now and rightly so. Are you active on social media?
“As well as my regular job I am also active on social media as an influencer. This includes my Instagram page, Facebook, Twitter and my new VLOG. I also manage my own Blog over at which currently provides reviews of individual items but will be evolving this year to have a more Lifestyle focus”.

Here is Saturdays Mashup! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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“My Instagram focuses on Menswear that is available to everyone. Everything I wear is my own and all of my images are either of me or taken by me … generally both. The main hook of my feed is that everything is live! The images I upload were taken three minutes before they hit Instagram, showing what I’m wearing in that moment. I am not taking months’ worth of images and scheduling them”.
Technology is reshaping our lives. Is there any favorite tech gadget you are using?
“As mentioned, outside of fashion I love Technology. I get to use amazing products every day for my job, ranging from Tablets and Phones all the way through to convertible Laptops. These tools are fundamental to my success and keep me connected all day long. Most recently I went on a two-week trip surfing to Costa Rica and took my brand new drone! Seriously, cool piece of kit”.

Guess where we are tonight...with @lenovo and @romtoronto! #glowlenovo #fnlrom

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Mr. Rainbird, what type of content do you like? Are there any specific magazines you like to read?
“One tip from me is digital content. I’ve been an online magazine subscriber for a few years now and the content keeps getting better and better. GQ, Wired, Esquire and Fast Company are in my top picks. With the inclusion on video and interactive content, it makes the experience so much more immersive for me”.

How about a weekly Mashup for this gorgeous Saturday?

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We all seek, to a greater or lesser extent, to be successful. Tel us Mr. Rainbird, How you measure success?
“Success to me is simple. Set achievable goals and smash them out of the park. Considering I am in a sales role I am always looking to better myself, drive revenue and learn. If I stop learning, I’m not succeeding and I don’t like to fail”.
Our men are undoubtedly the finest in the world of style and fashion. Of different ages and nationalities, all exude elegance in each of their appearances. Mr. Rainbird is one of those handpicked gems. His refined style and appealing personality led him to be a fashion influencer on social media and a proud brand ambassador at OTAA!



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