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Evan Jian

Mr. Jian, our fashion influencer from Gent Squared is distinguished by his signature style that mixes classic tendencies with modern and youthful garments. With a huge number of followers on social media, his latest looks have become a style guide for Taiwanese young men who seek to be as popular and handsome as he.
       Evan Jian
For casual days, he opts for simple garments such as basic shirts, jeans, and sports shoes. For formal occasions, he chooses tailored suits from their more classic versions to some with unusual colours and original prints. He knows how to adorn it with apposite OTAA accessories like an expert.
Mr. Jian is and will continue to be one of our best men with the finest taste of fashion. Everything looks so good to this Taiwanese gallant that several brands are looking to fit for it to be the image of his latest collection.
The better you feel with the clothes you wear the more confidence you will have in yourself. What's the dress code on a daily basis? 
將紳士裝穿的內斂自然、成熟穩重,看起來毫不費力且依舊好看,是我目前最推崇的風格,像是PERMANENT 的主理人 SIMON 就是我近期非常喜好的一位 經典男裝圖標
“I prefer doing less effort and still looking good in a most respected style. I like PERMANENT's agent SIMON, my recent favorite a classic menswear icon”.
The gentleman is loaded with the restrained nature, maturity, and stability. 
Mr. Jian undoubtedly follows trends!
Kind of a personal question, what do you like outside of fashion? Can you share it with our readers?
健身、品酒、攝影、還有 大聲笑
   “Fitness, wine tasting, photography, and so on. LOL”
Men of OTAA love to dress well. What do you wear on a casual Saturday?
“Sport coat with jeans and a knit tie”
We are curious to know which social media platform are you most active on. 
“Facebook, Instagram”
Other than being a top fashion influencer on social media and a tie lover, what websites do you read every day?  
“Gentsquared, Permanent Style, OTAA”
  Evan Jian    
So you are fond of reading. Tell us Mr. Jian, what kind of content interests you? 
任何關於 經典男裝 的內容
“Any content about classic men's clothing”
Mr. Jian, if you are asked what magazines do you prefer to subscribe? 
Is it important to determine whether or not we are achieving success? How Mr. Jian measures success?
“In life, do one thing seriously”
The truth is that no man is born knowing how to dress. There are very few who handle the codes and rules of good dressing. Mr. Jian showed us that his choices have posited him as one of the top fashion influencers on social media.  His outfits are always classic and traditional but not out dated.    
He is a man with a lot of style worthy to be an example to follow of any man who seeks elegance and comfort. For his dedication to fashion, Mr. Jian is undoubtedly an exquisite addition to our Men of OTAA!



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