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Danielre Zaccone

Our first featured gentleman is earned by our personal favorite – a gentleman and a scholar – Dr. Daniel Zaccone.  This gentleman’s style is the epitome of classic Italian elegance.  His unprecedented collection of the powerful double-breasted suit is a truly admirable one.  Dr. Zaccone focuses on primary color palates and perfectly fitting pieces, allowing his style to speak boldly without being overly extravagant.  His concentration in ensuring his outfits are well-tailored will catch the attention of any onlooker, making him a memorable presence. 

Mr. Danielre wearing the OTAA 

Paisley Navy Blue Tie

This design features a deep, night time navy blue fabric with different shades of white swirled leaves and flower shapes, etched with intricate details both on the inside and out to result in a finished look.

Mr. Danielre wearing the OTAA 

Navy Blue Polkadot Tie. 

Featured in GQ and our bestselling design, the Brothers at OTAA offer authentic style. There are few pieces as unique as our signature Navy Blue with White Polka Dots Necktie. The white polka dot embroidered necktie is cut in a classic blue shade, and this handsome version is detailed with the label's stitch throughout for a fresh finish. OTAA looks to its heritage of Melbourne's coastal style and quality craftsmanship with this polka dot necktie. Impeccably hand made, this piece is an exquisite addition to your executive wear. 



Mr. Danielre wearing the OTAA 

Paisley Silver Tie with Light Blue

The elder brother of OTAA is passionate about paisley, often developing unique designs to achieve his vision. Hand-crafted, this incredibly complex piece is stitched with a subtle paisley silver pattern and a blue texture that adds to its cosy, luxurious appeal. The grey Necktie has navy floral patterns and is designed in Australia. This grey, thin neck necktie can be best worn with a matching grey pocket square for any formal or corporate occasion.


Mr. Danielre Wearing the OTAA

Paisley Navy Blue Tie.



Mr. Danielre Wearing the OTAA

Paisley Blue Tie.

The design is a black fabric with blue, swirled leaf and floral shapes etched with intricate details of white and blue on the inside and outside, resulting in a unique and finished look. Slip yours on with black trousers.

Mr. Danielre Wearing the OTAA

Maroon with White Polka Dots Necktie.


Mr. Danielre Wearing the OTAA

Navy Blue Tie with Striped Brown.

The Navy Blue Necktie with Striped Brown is a nuanced classic, and this OTAA version is kitted out with extra stylish and luxurious details. Each necktie is hand-crafted using a threading technique that makes them incredibly luxurious and reduces the stretch of the necktie. A splash of discreet blue and brown is used to increase its texture. They are then lined on the inner to add volume to the necktie by hand, in a process that takes meticulous precision and time to achieve the deep, mottled fabric that makes each piece unique.




The Brothers at OTAA Necktie Floral




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