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Brothers Marfil

Denmark brewed, David and André Marfil have an incredible sense of fashion and a good taste of suits. Like our other Men of OTAA, the Brothers Marfil knows how to distinguish the perfect outfit for every occasion. Using OTAA paisley pattern ties as the point of difference, the Denmark born lads know how to adapt with the times - They take calculated risks with fashion, which always pays off.
What is a typical day like?
“As two full-time students, most of our time is focused around our studies. A typical day for us starts off with getting ready for school by showering, eating breakfast and putting on the outfit of the day, usually put out the night before. After school, David and me, meet up and get to work on our projects. A typical afternoon consists of taking and editing pictures, following up on enquiries, editing on our website etc. With both of us having full-time studies, everyday is balanced between school clothes associated activities, friends, and girlfriends”.
You have matured the fashion and become OTAA icons. What's the dress code on a daily basis?
“Typically our daily outfits consist of a shirt, tie or bow-tie, along with a pair of trousers, chinos or slacks, paired with a pair of leather shoes. For example a pair of brogues, monks, oxfords, loafers or boots. Depending on the season, the weather on a particular day usually has its influence on the daily outfit. Every season has its colors”.
“The nature in Denmark has a unique ability to change colors every season, and therefore the colors, patterns, and textures in our outfits. Summer calls for bright colors, light fabrics, unbuttoned linen shirts, sailors and loafers without socks, cropped pants and seersucker jackets. Fall calls for heavier fabrics like wool, jackets in tweed, oxford shirts and balmoral boots. Everything during autumn is usually in shades of brown, orange and green”.
How do the ‘Brothers Marfil’ balance the day between work and leisure. What do you like outside of fashion?
“Apart from studying full time, we share a couple of common interests. We both share a huge passion for gastronomy. Cooking, eating and exploring with the senses give us great pleasure. Living in Copenhagen, the city allows us to experience one of the finest culinary scenes in the world. Having some of the greatest Michelin starred restaurants around the corner, it’s hard to resist the temptation”.
“Grabbing a late night rustique, gourmet pizza or fine dining at Marchal, almost any culinary desire can be satisfied. Alongside having exceptional opportunities for dining out, Copenhagen can fulfill every culinary wish when cooking at home. Being supplied with great ingredients from Torvehallerne, cooking at home reaches a whole new level of satisfaction”.
Do you watch documentaries? Name any three documentaries people must watch to be inspired?
“For us, documentaries are a great way to enjoy an evening at home. The combination of being entertained while enlightening ourselves simultaneously, it is a great way to relax. Even though it’s difficult to pick 3 all-time favourites, the following three is our take on documentaries worth watching.
The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia - Vice Magazine
The Slum - Al Jazeera
My Scientology Movie - Louis Theroux BBC”
Great stuff!
We all spend more time connecting people who are most important to us. Which social media platform are you most active on?
“Currently we’re mostly on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a great way for us to stay in touch with friends, family and working associates. Instagram is mostly for promoting our take on classic menswear while getting a huge amount of inspiration and keeping up with the heavy league ballers of sartorialism”.
To buy your first home, you likely will need a mortgage. Do you need to take out a second mortgage for shoes?
“Being a full-time student, living in Copenhagen, the private economy doesn’t always extend to expensive shoes. Having a few shoe goals in mind, the following pairs will be some of our all-time favorites.
Coming in at number one, Mr. Ivan Crivellaro always delivers unique footwear and more specifically the tassel loafers. As shoe enthusiasts, the shoes designed by Mr. Ivan Crivellaro is over the top amazing.
A particular model, the blue wing tipped wool and leather, tassel loafers is a perfect example of the great craftsmanship that lies behind every pair. By combining elements of rough herringbone wool, polished leather, brogued wing tips and tassels, the shoe comes together as a perfect piece of footwear, truly a demonstration of mastering a craft.
In second place a pair from the Church’s Crown Collection. Being a respectable institution, the traditions put into the craftsmanship behind every step of the 58-day process, a pair from the Church’s Crown Collection is somewhat of a goal. The Cooleridge, in the cognac brown colorway, is an elegant shoe suitable for a lot of different occasions. Whether it’s paired with a navy blue windowpane suit or used to spice up a herringbone tweed combo, the monkstrap shoe is, in our mind, a great example of a must versatile, in the wardrobe of every gentleman”.
Most people think that success is measured in the amount of money. How you measure it? 
“Measuring success has always been a difficult question for us… Whether it's school or our menswear activities, time has a unique way of showing our success. Looking back, after gaining results it’s easier to comprehend the result achieved during a period of time. The process of development is not always perceivable when being in the moment, but time adds the element of perspective, making success measurable. Boom”
Brothers Marfil carry every outfit with grace and sympathy. They are definitely a stylish addition to our Men of OTAA and their ability to look exquisite in a delicate and masculine style makes them deserve the title!



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