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Benn Bromley

Mr. Bromley, practically the Gordon Gekko of Wall Street, Mr. Bromley knows where to put his chips to go all in and don a suit at the same time. Our gentleman from Brisbane has a “Daily Touch of Class”. 
The truth is that Mr. Bromley wears the suit and shirts like no other. His unique take on bold neckties and accessories from the OTAA latest collection have lived up to a man with style. Mr. Bromley bets on the right styles and always pays off.
How is your typical work day?
 “I will typically start my day around 10 to 6, getting my first post of the day ready, before preparing breakfast and making my way to work by 7.30am. I like to be the early bird and get a start on the day before the office gets too busy.
Working in funds management it's key to have an early start, ahead of the market so there is time to act on any changes that may have occurred
over night across the globe. I usually try and end my work day by 6pm and then make my way to the gym.
It’s here where I will usually spend the next few hours exercising the rest of my body and turning the brain completely off. I find a consistent exercise regime keeps the mind fresh and agile. Finally I will plan for the next day, preparing my four day-time meals and my outfit”.
Suits from Monday to Friday?
“Fully suited and booted nothing more liberating than a clean cut suit and a fresh tie with matching accessories”.
Casual clothing can be the element that enhances that elegant style you want to adopt. What do you wear on a casual Saturday? 
“Casually, my attire will vary. I tend to spend a bit of time in the gym and out being active in the sun on the weekend, so the attire will most likely range from gym wear, right through to chino's (chino shorts of course - I live in Brisbane guys, it's too hot for anything else) and a linen button up with loafers if I’m heading out with the girl”.
What do you like outside of fashion Mr. Bromley?
“I have to admit my first true love outside of fashion was all things fast and loud. Growing up all I wanted to do was go fast. I have been heavily involved with racing and motorbikes in the past. Having left that behind, I now get my kicks from taking out a fast car for a day trip with my partner, up any of the local mountain ranges in search of a good brewery where I can enjoy a beer and some lunch”.
Are you a social media enthusiast? Which social media platform are you most active on?
“Hands Down Instagram!! Insta has always dominated. Being able to express my passion for fashion on the most interactive social platform available has always been a no brainer for me. Tailoring the content you to what you want to see is also a huge plus. But most of all being able to interact with the like-minded fashionista's around the world is mind blowing and the biggest plus for me.
Plus, now with the new “Insta-stories” feature, the platform has it all”.
There is nothing to do, the seats are not so comfortable, the hours do not pass - International flights can sometimes seem endless. Do you have any tips on travelling long fights?
“Travelling long flights is usually a balancing act between the feeling of super excitement (depending on the destination) and blocking out all the noise around you when you're trying to sleep".
Pro tips for managing the long haul?
"Firstly and most importantly, get a comfy outfit! My go to is usually long pants cuffed at the ankle that have a lot stretch in them and a baggy t-shirt.
Get a seat on the side of the plane so it’s just you and your partner, that way you can both utilise the maximum space without being compromised by anyone else who might be next to you.
Invest in noise cancelling headphones (those crying babies can make life tough when sleep is concerned).
Neck pillows … always bring the neck pillows”.
Traveling is a pleasure! Enjoy your long flight with these tips!
To speak of Dubai, is to speak of luxury. 24 hours in Dubai, what do you do?
“This is one is easy! Touch down and head straight to the one of the supercar rentals, pick up something ridiculous and get mental at the Dubai race circuit all day before spending the night on one of the man-made beaches with some of their finest food, wine and shisha all night”.
So do I need to take out a second mortgage for shoes?
“I strongly believe so! I know a good broker if anyone needs one. Shoes are a huge part of the outfit! They can elevate your style game like nothing else. I have always had a major soft spot for my shoes and think it’s about time I built myself a shoe room so I can continue to expand my collection. Bring on the shoes”.
Our Brisbane Chap is equipped with style and a positive attitude. Our exclusive addition in the Men of OTAA knows how to impress whilst donning a formal suit. Class is not just clothing, the attitude weighs a lot. Our proud addition to Men of OTAA, Mr. Bromley has it all.



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