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White Bead Bracelets


White Bracelets for Men

Inspired by the tranquil borders of Alaska and the cool, Celtic moors in Ireland, the Brothers’ collection of white bracelets for men are carefully crafted by hand and make a nod to pacifying, white tones. Each white beaded bracelet has been fashioned with white howlite and white turquoise that are impressively polished and finished with a gold, serene Buddha, a majestic animal or an ominous skull. Through meticulous handpicking of exquisite white beads and delicate polishing of the startling-silver and luxurious gold charms, the Brothers’ white beaded bracelets exude brilliance and finesse. The Brothers have designed these white stone bracelets in Melbourne, where the blistering-cold winters were accompanied by hot coffees in boisterous cafes with sketchpads to design their white bracelets for men.


Men’s Bracelets Online

OTAA’s collection of men’s bracelets online has been made with simplicity in mind. This collection of white bracelets online has been thoughtfully considered to include only the brightest white beaded bracelets that are easy to buy online, no matter where you are on the globe. These men’s white bracelets online contain an array of bracelets that contain soft, muted tones of white and cream combined with brilliant-silver and molten-gold charms. Add a subtle, snowy touch to your getup with the Brothers’ collection of men’s bracelets online and buy men’s white bracelets with simplicity to receive them wherever you are in the world.


Best Men’s White Bracelets

Fierce panthers, mysterious skulls and gladiator warrior helmets contrast agreeably with the white beads in OTAA’s best men’s bracelets. Designed in Melbourne, the Brothers sought inspiration from the far, snowy reaches in the Northern Hemisphere all the way to the tropical, warm countries in Asia where Buddhism predominates to create their cool bracelets for guys. The best white stone bracelet has been carefully assembled using the finest white beads and finished with an adorning brilliant-silver or luxurious gold charm. These detailed elements and thoughtful consideration to design make OTAA’s best men’s bracelets an exquisite collection.

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