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Vintage Gold Cufflinks Online

These golden vintage cufflinks have been designed by the Brothers at OTAA right here in Melbourne. With a flair for nautical style and adventurous designs these vintage cufflinks have been thoughtfully considered and crafted by hand. Vintage gold cufflinks are a nod to the years passed where brushed gold metals and rustic rhodium plating was used to make the cufflinks. This collection of gold vintage cufflinks online is the largest collection available in the world with a rustic metal cufflink in all types of designs, ranging from the classic circle and rectangle shapes to the more nautical-inspired styles including skulls and anchors. Whatever your flair, the Brothers have got you covered. If you need assistance choosing between which vintage gold cufflink to go from drop us a line at to speak to our styling pro Ben. He'll fix you up with the best pair of gold vintage cufflinks to suit the occasion and event.

Men's Vintage Gold Cuff Links

Men's cufflinks are a metal attachment designed to keep the cuffs of your shirt together. Although most shirts are designed with buttons there are some shirts that have have a small opening for cufflinks. These cuff links have been cut, polished and shaped from rhodium. Rhodium is the preferred choice of metal for our men's accessories as it is a strong, long-lasting metal and has a high resistance to corrosion. These rhodium gold vintage cufflinks have been crafted by hand and polished, coated and shaped to the perfect vintage style. Buy these vintage gold cufflinks online for men with free and express worldwide shipping.

Best Gold Vintage Cufflinks

These gold vintage cufflinks for sale are available for the gent who has a collection of cufflinks or for the gent who wants to begin their collection. With different events and different suits, various accessories need to be switched up to make the perfect ensemble for the evening. Adding a touch of metal by wearing a pair of vintage gold cufflinks can elevate the whole look without distracting from the main features of your getup. These handcrafted and unique gold vintage cufflinks online are certainly a fine choice for when you want to add a subtle point of difference to your look whilst still maintaining the focus on the other areas of your getup including your tie and suit. Some of the classics from our huge collection of vintage gold cufflinks includes the The Gold Count of Monte Cristo Blue Cufflinks and the La Digue Cr all of which have been crafted by hand from rhodium and other metals to produce and eye-catching point of detail.




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