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The Brothers at OTAA have searched far and wide to bring you the best collection of skull cufflinks. Fasten your shirt cuff with the skull cuff link to exude a carefree nature with added sophistication. OTAA’s selection of men’s skull cufflinks are hand picked and thoughtfully considered in their design and quality. Ranging from classic designs through to the unique and bold, men’s skull cuff links are an essential wardrobe accessory and the best pick for any gentleman’s wardrobe. These skull cufflinks have been handcrafted from rhodium and finely carved to various styles of skull shapes with textures and gem adornments. This unique collection of skull cufflinks comes in silver, rose gold, gold and brass tones to ensure full swatch of colours to suit your suit and style. This collection features the Silver Skull Cufflinks that has been cut from rhodium and polished with a matte finish. The delicate brushed metal effect combined with the shape of the skull and silver shine sets this pair of cufflinks apart. Wear it to your next evening event along with a crisp white shirt for effortless elegance.

Best Skull Cuff Link

These cufflinks have been hand crafted from solid rhodium and polished by hand to perfection. Rhodium is the preferred choice for these skull cufflinks online given its robust nature and resistance to corrosion. Given OTAAs affinity for adventure and relaxed styles, these skull cufflinks have been inspired by various ancient legends and pop culture. The most intriguing story from ancient Spanish times about the person, town, kingdom, empire or city that was covered in gold has made its rounds in modern times with various expeditions attempted to locate such an area. These El Dorado Skull Cufflinks are a take on the legend that described a mythical chief who covered himself in gold and was a warrior of the Indigenous people in Columbia. Another pair of skull cufflinks inspired by adventure and mystery is the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Cufflinks. Indiana Jones trekked through to Akator, also known as the Lost City of Gold and El Dorado and uses one of the skulls to open the door to a chamber where there are thirteen crystal skeletons, with one awaiting the return of its skull. No matter which skull cufflink you choose each one has its own unique craftsmanship along with a story behind it.





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