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Red Lapel Flowers


Red Lapel Flowers Online

OTAAs red lapel flowers online have been designed up in Melbourne by the Brothers at OTAA themselves. Each unique red lapel flower has been handcrafted from a range of materials including wool, satin and linen and have varying patterns and solid styles. The lapel flower is best worn on a suit and a red lapel flower adds a subtle touch of elegance to the entire ensemble. The red lapel flower can be worn on any coloured suit and adds a stylish point of difference when added to a white suit or a grey suit. Shop these red lapel flowers online with free and express worldwide shipping with same day or 1 day dispatch guaranteed. For our full collection of lapel flowers and pins check out our collection here.

Rose Lapel Pin

Traditionally known as a boutonnière the rose lapel pin is a floral decoration with a single bud that is worn on the lapel of your suit jacket. These rose lapel pins make a stylish nod to the traditional lapel wear and have been designed in a diverse range of sizes and fabrics so you can match or complement your rose lapel pin to your suit and shirt. Rose lapel pins have been making a resurgence in the men's style scene where formal occasions may require a new point of difference. You can wear a rose lapel pin or flower along with a pocket square, tie and bow tie if you wish to. As long as each piece syncs up with each other and there aren't overwhelming patterns on all of them you'll have an outfit of a pro. Shop these red rose lapel pins online at OTAA or drop an email to our stylist Ben, who can help you choose the best rose lapel pin for your occasion and suit.

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