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Plain Silver Cufflinks


Plain Silver Cufflinks Online

OTAAs hand crafted plain silver cufflinks online have been designed up in Melbourne by the Brothers at OTAA. With a focus on expert craftsmanship and attention to detail these plain silver cufflinks in this huge collection are unmatched. Each silver cufflink in this collection online has been cut, crafted and polished from rhodium. Rhodium is a strong and sturdy metal that will not corrode over time meaning that your paid of plain silver cufflinks will last a lifetime. In this handcrafted collection there are the classic plain silver cufflinks designs including the Classic Silver Rectangle Cufflinks as well as more unique designs and shapes such as the Phidias Silver Cufflinks. Whatever your style, suit and occasion we'll have a pair of plain silver cufflinks on hand. When brewing up these designs in Melbourne the Brothers wanted to make sure that these plain silver cufflinks were available anywhere in the world on short notice, which is why OTAA offers free shipping as well as express shipping to any country. If you'd like to have a chat about these solid silver cufflinks or about life in general, drop us a line at and Ben our styling pro will be happy to assist with anything.

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