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The key to unlocking divine texture is to wear a handsome knitted tie. Offering a superbly textured, yet incredibly plush microfibre knit, these woven ties for men have the power to transform your suits from lacklustre to luxurious! A knit tie is characterised by its textured, loosely woven appearance. it's absent of any lining and it involves a slight spring elasticity. The French term cri de la soie, which translates as "the cry of silk", is sometimes used to describe the crisp, crunchy sound that knitted ties make when they are squeezed in the hand. Most have blunt ends (as opposed to the pointed tips found on conventional neckties). The knitted tie is a stylish - and often underrated - wardrobe component, one that will add individuality to your look while keeping things classic.

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Intricately handwoven from the most plush textured knits, these knitted ties are the most luxurious way to add an element of intrigue to your tailoring. Straying away from the predictability of standard neckties that are crafted from cotton and linen fabrics, this woven knitted tie collection offers a level of texture that other neckties just can't match. Having been design in-house and finessed with the most diverse range of colours and patterns, this knitted tie range offers the best option to buy a knit tie online. So have a browse through our extensive offering of colours, ranging from burgundies and reds to purples and blues; and choose from a vast range of stripes, polka dots and solids to find the best men's knitted tie to suit your upcoming occasion. These woven neckties vary in density with some designs offering a loose weave and others tightly woven. Let the varying options spoil you for choice when it comes to selecting the right texture for your suit!    


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There's a reason why our knitted ties are the best in Australia. They're tailored by hand and crafted from the most divine microfibre fabrics available. Giving you a wealth of luxury without the exorbitant price tag, these woven ties boast a heavenly combination of quality and style. The hallmark of these in-house designs is their incredulous versatility. All of the knit ties in this collection can be worn casually or formally and adapted to suit just about any occasion. So whether you're going to a wedding or you just want to spruce up your Sunday brunch outfits, these knitted ties will appropriately blend in with any contexts, whilst also making you stand out. The Brothers at OTAA have worked incredibly hard to make sure this knitted tie collection offers everything you could possibly need under the sun. Paying close attention to colours, textures and designs, there's no doubt that you'll be able to find the best knitted tie in this collection. So have a browse through our extensive range and find the best knitted tie for your wardrobe! Designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA.