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Grey Solid Skinny Ties


Plain Grey Solid Skinny Ties Online

OTAAs hand picked selection of grey solid skinny ties features all shades of charcoal from cloud gray through to pewter. Thinner than the traditional necktie and measuring at about 2 inches at the widest point, these slim ties online are a relaxed and playful take on the classic accessory. The Brothers at OTAA designed a huge collection of grey slim ties in plain, solid styles for when you need a tie that'll add a muted tone to the outfit without overpowering the look with patterns and textures. All the gray solid skinny ties in this collection have been designed by the Brothers at OTAA, with a particular focus on the width, length, fulness as well as the ideal material that can suit any event and any suit style. These grey solid skinny ties online come in linen, cotton, satin, microfiber and velvet in all shades of gray including cloudy grey, silver, charcoal, dark silver and pewter meaning that you'll find the best plain silver skinny tie for any suit. If you want some styling advice or just wanna say hello drop us a line at to speak to our stylist pro Ben. He'll be able to sort you out with the best grey solid skinny tie for your personal style, suit and occasion.

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