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What's the point of a skinny tie if it doesn't have a bit of funk? Funk as in funky, that is. At OTAA we prize anything that's packed with a bit of pizzazz and that's why this funky skinny tie range is your new best friend when it comes to slaying your competition. Want to impress your boss at work? Just wear a robot skinny tie to make him think you're some sort of mechanical engineer. Splashed with a rainbow of colours and patterns to brighten up your day, our funny skinny ties are the best way to add a wealth of vibrance to your wardrobe. So no matter what occasion it's for; even if it's just weekend your brunch, a funky thin tie by OTAA will get the ball rolling with panache. Choose from a range of satins, cottons and linens to snap up a perfect thin tie with a beautifully robust silhouette. With a handcrafted approach to tailoring, The Brothers at OTAA know all the right moves to get you suited up with sophistication. Our bold design philosophy means these funky thin ties are incredibly memorable numbers that will undoubtedly become cornerstone pieces in your wardrobe. Whenever you want to make a dashing statement, our skinny ties will be your best asset. Just let their vibrant aesthetic and luxurious tailoring bring a wealth of refinement to your everyday looks. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.  

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