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You've got a formal occasion coming up and you need to find the right tie- it's a common scenario that we're used to hearing. It's only natural to want to look your best when you've got a fancy event to go to and that's why our selection of formal skinny ties are designed to get you scrubbed up to the nines. We know that a tailored suit is a must, and you've probably already sorted out your shirt and shoes; basically, the last thing left to do is choose a handsome formal skinny tie. Luckily The Brothers at OTAA are experienced in the field of tailoring and design, so when finding the perfect men's necktie to match you suit, you couldn't be in better hands! After having spent years on end trying to find the right recipe to making the perfect men's formal skinny tie, The Brothers at OTAA found the golden nugget formula. It's a bit of a trade secret but we thought we'd share it with you. All of the formal men's ties in this collection are sourced from the finest quality fabrics. There's pure cottons, pure linens and pure micros to give you the most supreme edge of luxury. After sourcing the most plush, beautifully robust fabrics, The Brothers at OTAA then turn their attention to tailoring. The formal skinny tie range, along with all of OTAAs ties, are stitched by hand and tailored so that they drape into the most favourable silhouettes. After this, they're stitched by hand to give you and extra dose of exclusivity when you step out the door with your formal suit. So no matter what occasion it's for; whether it be a wedding, a ball, a formal dinner or you just like to look really over-dressed for your morning coffee run- our formal skinny ties are your best bet to getting polished up to elegant proportions. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA. 

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