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Floral Wedding Ties


Floral Ties and Neckties for Weddings

If you're going to a garden wedding, there's no better statement than a floral wedding tie! Floral ties for weddings give a stunningly elegant appearance without being too formal. Luxuriously eye-catching and endlessly versatile, a floral tie for a wedding is one of the most flawless staples you can possibly choose. They say that flowers are the key to making romance bloom, and there's no better way to celebrate a wedding than with flowers adorned on your suit. We've got the most comprehensive selection of floral neckties you can find in Australia so it's no doubt you'll find your perfect necktie right here. Whether it's roses, daisies, natives, centifolias or tulips you're after- we've got every design under the sun you could possibly think of. Get creative with colours and styles and find a vivacious number to bring sophistication to your looks. Sometimes a flamboyant tie is the only thing you need to spark up your wardrobe and set yourself apart from everyone else. Whether you're the man standing at the end of the aisle or you're simply attending, one of OTAA's fine floral wedding ties will stand you in good shape to be the most handsome guy there. Not only do these neckties excel in design, they're all hand sewn and tailored by hand to ensure you're provided with an exceptional level of quality as well as style. Have a browse through our luxurious range and buy the perfect floral tie for your upcoming big day! 

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