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Derby Day Ties


Black and White Derby Day Ties

The Brothers aren't sure where the black and white dress code tradition came from or in fact why it became a thing for Derby Day. But they do know this - they designed a whole tonne of worthy monochrome neckties and skinny ties for the taking and this collection goes beyond what is necessary for a single race day. In a sea full of bright coloured fashion, the emergence of alternative coloured suits and bright accessories there has been a need to have monochrome skinny ties and neckties that work for such outfits. OTAA's carefully designed collection of black and white Derby Day ties contains all the combinations of checkered patterns, polka dots, paisleys, stripes and more that are a blend between black and white and grey to create an everlasting collection of Derby Day neckties that will bring your getup together in a single tie.


Buy Monochrome Tie Online

Although Derby Day is celebrated in Australia only, these Derby Day neckties have a universal use no matter where you are in the world. Traditionally, black and white ties provide an understated, formal and traditional look that are perfect for every day work, evening events, black tie events and more. The Brothers have designed the largest collection of monochrome neckties and skinny ties online that are easy to buy no matter where you are in the world. If you're in a rush, you can get your monochrome tie with express shipping just in time for Derby Day in Melbourne or your event wherever you are on the globe.


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