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We read your office rule book and we couldn't find a section that states you can't wear a crazy skinny tie to work. It's great news for you because a funny skinny tie is the perfect way to tell your colleagues that you can't be intimidated. Want to stamp your authority in the boardroom? Just wear a T-Rex Skinny Tie- that'll get their knees shaking. So no matter what occasion its for; whether it be a themed party, formal event, work meeting or you just like to look over-dressed for your Sunday brunch- a funky skinny tie will be your new best companion. Let our abundance of ice creams, aliens, robots and donuts give you the best option to showcase your personality. Everything you can possibly think of, we've got it underneath this crazy tie umbrella. The Brothers at OTAA don't just care about design, it's all about the quality too. That's why these funny skinny ties have all been crafted by hand and tailored from a sumptuous selection of pure cotton, pure linen, satin and microfibre materials for your maximum comfort. All you need to do now is purchase a cheap pocket square to match! Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA. 

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