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Charcoal Diamond Self Tie Bow Ties


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Charcoal Diamond Handtied Bow Ties

If you want one of OTAA's Charcoal Diamond Handtied Bow Ties to add that bespoke touch to your outfit for your next occasion, our collection here will have you covered! Our elegant men’s Charcoal Diamond handtied bow tie range will be the envy and admiration of all, whether it be for a snazzy event, a wedding, or just plain wearing it outside, since they are both simple but luxurious at the same time. The dark bluish grey that this collection was made in is a classic colour that lends a dignified but austere air to the wearer without choosing black. Our charcoal grey is just one of the many shades of grey that we have at OTAA and would be a steadfast workhorse in your wardrobe. If you want a dependable and versatile backdrop for other more bright colours to shine from, or to complement other neutral colours in your elegant outfit, then be sure to get our Charcoal Diamond Handtied Bow Ties! 

Buy Charcoal Grey Diamond Untied Bow Tie Online

Buy our Charcoal Grey Untied Diamond Bowties online on our website, there is no better place to do so here at Australia's largest me