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Brushed Cufflinks Online

OTAAs exquisite collection of matte, brushed cufflinks online are one of a kind. With designs brewed up from the Brothers' home in Melbourne and a collection full of different metals, colours and shapes, this collection of brushed cuff links online has something for everyone. When designing up these brushed silver cufflinks, brushed gold cufflinks and brushed rose gold cufflinks the Brothers wanted to focus on craftsmanship and character. By doing this they created a huge collection of matte brushed cufflinks that have been hand-crafted to perfection with unique flair. OTAA has a range of classic, traditional brushed cufflinks including the Rosetta Brushed Silver Square Cufflinks and the Aswan Rose Gold Square Brushed Cufflinks to add a sophisticated and subtle detail to your suit shirt. Given OTAAs flair for uniqueness, seaside inspiration and an absolute affinity for fun embellishments this collection of brushed cufflinks also features the Antique Brass Anchor Rope Cufflinks that has been hand-crafted to nautical perfection.

Buy Brushed Silver Cufflinks

Shop these brushed silver cufflinks, brushed gold cufflinks and brushed rose gold cufflinks online anywhere in the world. With a focus on quality, craftsmanship and personalisation you'll find the right pair of brushed cufflinks for your tailored look and occasion. If you need help styling up or choosing the right pair of brushed cufflinks drop us a line at for our styling guru Ben to give his advice. OTAAs brushed silver cufflinks, brushed rose gold cufflinks and brushed gold cufflinks have been chiselled from rhodium and hand-crafted making each pair a unique piece. Buy OTAAs brushed cufflinks online in gold, copper, brass, silver, rose gold and black with free and express shipping available worldwide.

Brushed Matte Cuff Links Online

OTAAs unique brushed matte cuff links online will have a pair of cufflinks for everyone. Hand crafted with precision and cut from rhodium you'll find just the right pair of brushed matte cufflinks for your next occasion and suited style. Brushed metal or dull polished metal is a metal that has been polished in a unidirectional momentum to achieve a softened, matte finish. Metals that have been brushed still have their distinct lustre but an added texture, resulting in an eye-catching and luxurious point of difference. Once the metal has been brushed, cut, chiselled and shaped into the right accessory style, some of the cufflinks in this collection have had an added polished coating atop the brushed metal to achieve a shiny look that still maintains the classic brushed texture. Either the classic, matte-brushed or the shiny-brushed cufflinks in this collection come in the usual square, rectangle and circular styles so that there is something for everyone. Shop these exquisite brushed matte cufflinks online and have a pair of unique cufflinks from down under delivered to wherever you are in the world. Free and express worldwide shipping available.

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