• Duffle Blue Turquoise Rose Gold Skull Bracelet
  • Duffle Blue Turquoise Rose Gold Skull Mens Bracelet

Duffle Blue Turquoise Rose Gold Skull Bracelet

$35.00 AUD


An exquisite addition to the OTAA selection, this Duffle Blue Turquoise Gold Skull Bracelet is imbued with details of impeccable quality. In 1922, the discovery of the virtually intact tomb of Tutankhamun became the best known and most spectacular archaeological find anywhere in the world. The small tomb contained hundreds of objects, many richly decorated in blue and gold, that were needed to ascend the king to his afterlife. The exclusive turquoise features of this design serve as a lavish tribute to the king's legacy. Turquoise is one of the oldest stones known to man, and the jewel that kings, shamans, and warriors all valued as a precious gem. Boasting a vibrant turquoise complexion, this stone features delicate grey marbled features. The Duffle Blue Turquoise Rose Gold Skull Bracelet features a hand-chiselled rose gold skull charm that will add an element of regality to your look. Wear this design as a refined completion to casual or formal ensembles.


Product Style : 081-BR

Bead Type : Blue Turquoise

Bead Size : 8mm

Colour : Rose Gold, Blue


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