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Black Bead Bracelets


Men’s Black Bead Bracelets

These men’s black bead bracelets have been crafted using onyx, lava rock and black stone beads and are finished with a delicately chiselled metal charm to add an expressive element to your wrist. Inspired by the most fierce and majestic animals, the Brothers have chosen the wolf, panther and the owl to sit in the bed of their black beaded bracelets. Each black beaded bracelet is crafted from only hand-chosen beads that are assembled into an agreeable whole, forming elegant men’s black bead bracelets that showcase your affinity for wild, complex animals or restful, karmic balance in your getups. Inspired by the evening revels of Dia de Muertos and the unknown, dark reaches of the Amazon Forest, OTAA’s men’s black bead bracelets have been elegantly crafted with divergence in mind.


Men’s Bracelets Online

The Brothers have created their unique collection of men’s bracelets online for your perusal. These black beaded bracelets online contain pieces that will add an agreeable contrast to your usual wrist-wear and the distinct, metal charms combined with the dark, mysterious black beads make the Brothers' collection of men’s bracelets online a timeless and curious collection. Buy men’s bracelets online at OTAA and rest assured that they will be delivered to you wherever you are on the globe, from the islands of Java and Sumatra to the cold, snowy mountains in Canada.


Best Men’s Bracelets

Designed in Melbourne but inspired by wild animals, exotic landscapes and ominous revels, the Brothers’ best men’s bracelets have been exquisitely crafted and finished carefully by hand. The distinct and intricately detailed beads combined with charming adornments make OTAA’s cool men’s bracelets an ageless collection. If you’re the lone wolf who strays away from the pack, OTAA’s best men’s bracelets are a sure find where you can adorn a brilliant, silver-charm wolf bracelet to express your distinctiveness. Add your best black beaded bracelets underneath the cuff of your white shirt to show your affinity for insouciance and panache.




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