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The Travel Suit Jacket

Men seem to favor informal garments over classic costumes while traveling. However, as a businessman looking to take your business to maturity, it is essential that you have a couple of clothing options to look professional when the situation requires, such as meeting a potential partner, a meeting with the press or a networking event. Buying a traveling suit jacket can be a scary prospect since you have to choose the right fabric and accessories. From men’s accessories to Hollywood style guide we bring you a special entry, a little different to what we have accustomed you.  
Why You Need a Travel Suit Jacket?
Travel Suit Jacket   
If it is simple enough to answer for a vacationer, the question becomes more complex when talking about dressing up on business trips. Repeated journeys, distant traveling, and a busy schedule. Logically, we are limited to the level of outfits to be composed. How to get to the basics with one piece of luggage? Besides, what is the essential? How to reconcile with temperature variations? Are there multifunction parts? What about style in all this? Before buying you must take into account these tips if you have tried hundreds of travel suit jackets and none favors you it is time to go thinking about making a suit jacket which your shape will appreciate and is made especially for you with your exact measurements.
Think Again About the Fabric
Fabric for Travel Suit Jacket        
Choosing one fabric or another should be more than choosing one color or another. The fabrics have evolved a lot in terms of composition and weight. Remember that, if you opt for super 150's or higher fabrics, the suit jacket will tend to wrinkle, it will be more delicate and need an expert iron.
Travel Suit Jacket    
Cashmere, vicuna and other hair fabrics need unnecessary care. The silks, as well as the linens, are of enormous beauty and freshness. Wool, or a mixture of this material with silk, can work in any situation. And to have a more classic style, opt for a cropped lapel. The wool offers a lot of material possibilities and is a good compromise because, in addition to not crease, it will keep you warm aboard the plane where it is cold.
The suits jackets are synonymous with the good male dress and enhance your outline. It is important to try and get right with the exact size, a failure of size can destroy your image. To wear a perfect travel suit jacket that does not favor the best is to not wear it and try something else.
The shoulder pads of the jacket should not overhang excessively from the shoulders, they simply should enhance them. You must be able to close your jacket without problems, neither too wide nor too narrow, that fits but does not press. A straight cut is the ideal and the most flattering option for a travel suit jacket. Only the slimmest can opt for the slim fit silhouette with a tighter fit. The suit jackets of three buttons are the most classic of all, but they are not suitable for the shorter ones, they will emphasize more the short stature. The two buttons are the most standard favoring almost all.
How to Carry It?
 Travel Suit Jacket  
As a general rule of button closure remember this rule. The first button always closed, the second one sometimes. In the case of two buttons, you must carry the first one always closed and the second one is optional.
The major two colors that should be in any man's wardrobe should be navy blue and dark gray. Moreover, if you have to choose between the two, dark gray is the option that must be chosen. During the day you can use it with a blue shirt to have a business look. In the afternoon you can change for a white shirt without a tie. 
Shoulders are Key
Travel Suit Jacket    
Any suit jacket you buy will require you to make adjustments, but there is not much to do if it does not fit your shoulders right from the start. Even if you lose five kilos, you probably do not have to change a lot of size in your jacket because the shoulders do not change. The line of the shoulders of your travel suit jacket should never be lower than your true shoulders and you must avoid wearing shoulder pads at all costs.
Expand Horizons
The third option you should have is a black jacket. It should be reserved for more formal occasions such as cocktails or funerals. Later, you can experiment with more fun things like patterns like plaids. The most elegant thing that a travel suit jacket must have is the emphasis it makes on your back.
How Much Should You Pay?
Travel Suit Jacket   
A good travel suit jacket is not cheap, but making a great first impression can be invaluable. There are quality options starting at low prices, but you should not forget that the more you invest in a travel jacket, the higher appearance it will have. Keep in mind that the brand does not really matter as long as the travel jacket suits you. Many people are obsessed with the label of their costumes and do not pay attention to the rest.
 Travel Suit Jacket  
Many men live in the comfort of wearing casual clothes on a regular basis but when they are presented with the event of going to work in formal clothes or in any formal situation while traveling, they do not know what to wear because many do not like to go shopping, but if you are going to invest in, buy a travel suit jacket intelligently!

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