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The Greatest Bars in Taipei You Need to Visit Before You Jet

Taipei is crowned as one of the best Asian capitals which treasure innumerable unique places with an incredible nature. Nothing better than starting your night tour in the most popular bars in Taipei. Its world famous bars provides a well-decorated atmosphere and offers the most exquisite drinks and cocktails.
Popping a bottle and celebrating in a variety of upscale bars and lounges in the vibrant nightlife is a lifetime experience. There are plenty of award-winning bars and impressive nightclubs in Taipei and this personal review highlights some of the best bars in Taipei before you fly off.  
Read on as how I went through the hottest local bars in Taipei!
Barcode Taipei

Barcode is the best place to be and be seen in Taipei. The bar is situated on the fifth floor of “Neo19” and enjoys the best view of the city. Both the balcony and the indoor area host each bar, and that is where you can catch some celebrities.  

Its London-trained barkeepers are great at blending unique and customized champagne-based cocktails and the kitchen serves pretty well bites like your favorite “Fried Mushrooms” and “Squid Bacon Rolls”. Take a billiard table in the mix and have a stunning view of the city and you have to have a fabulous hotspot.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar Taipei

Known for its smooth live jazz performances with a New Orleans, Twist, Brown Sugar is the place for jazz lovers. But on certain nights, you can get your nut to the Latin/Salsa music as well. Its extensive wine list is a hit with wine lovers and the gourmet menu, specializing in Italian classics is also commendable.

            Woo Bar         

  Woo Bar Taipei

The Woo Bar is located on the 10th floor of the hotel. The atmosphere is a lounge and quite classy. The drinks are expensive compared to other local bars but the view is superb. The decor is really impressive and then the snacks are super good. But frankly the view is really beautiful and you really need to spend a good time in this place. Also, the music is not too strong to hear.


Ounce Taipei

An ideal place to enjoy the thousands of young people willing to taste the best drinks and enjoy good live music. With dark cozy décor and friendly atmosphere, Ounce provides a perfect ambiance of a cool place to socialize. Like most nightclubs, Ounce is open until late at night, however, that is to say, that on weekends the room is usually filled very early so it is recommended to book a room.


InHouse Taipei

InHouse is still one of the big names in Taipei. Personally, I’m not impressed. Yes, waiters and waitresses are nice to watch, certainly, the list of cocktails is flirtatious (and the price that Go with it, but again, it’s a standard in Taipei). On the other hand what impresses me is the incredible free buffet with the cocktail: salty, sweet, I picked up the delicious muffins, brownies, cookies ... Ah, I’m sorry, I do not know if they do that every day and you do not find a lot of non-Chinese info on the web.


Revolver Taipei

An address which you will never forget. The Revolver is held by Westerners who make it the scene of unique events. When there are no events, the atmosphere is generally calm and family. On the other hand, when something happens, do not be claustrophobic. The place is decorated smartly, with a lot of things to look at (and in addition, the decor changes regularly). The beer is cheap, especially on Tuesday evenings. Bravo!


Carnegies Taipei

What you can love the most about Carnegie's are not only their acclaimed steaks and regular outdoor barbecue on the terrace but also the fact that you can really let your hair down here - which makes it one of the best western local bars in the city power. Do not be surprised by the dancing patrons on the bar, it is one of the landmarks of the place. The Irish pub atmosphere and rock n roll facility is quite popular here. With 350 over shooters available, you will be spoiled for choice.

Marquee Restaurant and Lounge

Marquee Restaurant and Lounge Taipei

No worries, it is not the most selected place in Taipei, but the atmosphere is quite bourgeois in terms of tables, since they have to be reserved and that the minimum consumption incites to be minimum 15 and to control large bottles.



Amazing culture and top quality bars make a great trip in Taipei. Taipei Taiwan has a vibrant nightlife. There is plenty to choose from and the choices are always changing. Whether it’s the last trendy place to be or local bars to relax, there is no shortage of choices.  

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