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The Casinos in Colombo That James Bond Would Visit

Imagine a smoky room with guys in the black tuxedo sitting around a Poker table smoking cigars and sipping Scotch. And he walks through the casino and bets thousands of dollars on his favorite card game. For a man of his caliber, throwing around a few hundred grand at the casino doesn’t even put a hole in the wallet.  With so much money to burn, James Bond attracts a lot of attention with his ridiculous instinct for winning.
Spending a weekend in Colombo may be fun for him, though he’ll probably have an even better time if he wins at the table. Gambling is a bona fide entertainment option for James Bond. Whether for the competition or its facilities, these casinos enter the list of places which he must visit. After all, he likes to participate in betting contests in different parts of the world. I hope you remember “Casino Royale”.
There are several exceptional casinos in Colombo, suitable for a highly admired man like 007.
Bally’s Casino
     Bally’s Casino       
James Bond has a fondness for the casino theme. Each casino in the capital has a different atmosphere and no less spectacular than other. Bally’s Casino is the place for a serious poker player like Bond with lots of money to play. The luxury of Bally’s Casino and the use of black ties are elements that never fail and that will delight the participants. A private casino night can be very fun for 007 to put his imagination to fly and plan it down to the smallest detail.
Casino games such as blackjack, roulette, slots, and poker are the main attractions in Bally’s Casino as he never escapes the temptation, a temptation to the game that more than once has led him to accumulate profits of thousands of dollars. Mostly, some of the most famous faces of Hollywood feel a great weakness for playing poker with him.
Bellagio Colombo
         Bellagio Colombo        
Many casinos of the world are tourist jewels, full of luxury, charm and with a great architectural interest. Bellagio is considered one of the most luxurious and sophisticated casinos in Colombo and famous for its attention to customers. Inside, it houses slot machines and exclusive gaming tables for greedy gamblers.
Betting has always been one of the favorite pastimes of the rich and famous. After all, what are they supposed to do with all that money? Bellagio is the definitive place where James Bond can have fun and compete for his supremacy.
Casino Marina Colombo
        Casino Marina Colombo           
Bond is known for his great success in Blackjack, in which he has regularly won hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, Casino Marina will not lose money lightly, as James Bond has been expelled from many casinos in Macau since the casino staff could not believe that someone can be so good at blackjack.
This majestic casino has an impressive poker room with 90 tables, as well as other spaces for different games such as its 40 slot machines. It’s entertainment venues include private lounges, a discotheque, restaurants, and bars.
Jims Room
            Jims Room            
Slot machines are everywhere, but he is looking to make bigger bets. He will have no problem finding the right place for him.
Jims Room is the most exclusive of Casino Marina Colombo. Jim’s Poker Room has two private poker tables within Marina Colombo. There is also a minimum time of two hours and player has to call the clock half an hour before you wants to leave.
Star Dust
                            Star Dust                             
Located in the heart of the city, Star Dust is the oldest casino in Colombo. It is world famous for its “lucky tables” and awesome live entertainment. Stardust is just the right place for James Bond to be in Colombo. 
The gaming community knows him for having won half a million dollars in a recent bet and almost a million in a boxing bet between his friend Floyd Mayweather. Despite these gains, it seems that games and other business adventures have taken all his money because now Bond is completely broken. It seems Star Dust is an ideal place for him where he can try his luck to make quick cash!
Gaming is exciting for many people, including celebrities. There are many celebrities who frequently visit the casinos of the world and bet large amounts. Choosing a casino, like a hotel, has a lot in common with personal preferences, it all depends on the favorite games, budget, and skill of the player.
However, few casinos stand out to excel in areas like excellent poker rooms, a luxurious environment, good low-level bets, and slot machines. Stars who know how to live the good life have come closer to the gambling world to give more glamor and brilliance to this industry.

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