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The Best Dressed Men of the 73rd BAFTA Awards

Traditionally the British Academy of Film and Television Awards (BAFTA) was a smaller and quieter affair just before the Academy Awards, meant to celebrate international and british film and television achievements of the year. This also happens to be a good chance for the season's participants to hone their style one last time before February 10th, the Oscars. Thus, with some breathing room from the limelight, subtle experimentation seems to be the running theme here. This somewhat clashed with BAFTA's dress theme this year for eco-sustanability (read, reuse and recycle outfits from seasons past) in an effort to promote environmental awareness. Expect the old, but expect the new even more!


Graham Norton
A prime example for the awards show's dress theme of eco-sustainability, for his role as host, Graham wore a tuxedo he was seen in numerous times in the past - a scarlet red velvet notch lapeled jacket with floral embroidery and straight pocket flaps along with a black satin butterly bow tie. Also wearing a black dress shirt and topped with black patent leather strap loafers


Joaquin Phoenix
As he announced earlier before, he will wear the same custom tuxedo made by Stella Mccartney for the entire awards season. But that doesn't mean it's not unstylish - with the same satin shawl collared sleek tux jacket, white dress shirt, and black satin bow tie


Andrew Scott
As if he's determined to dress with all the acceptable colours of the colour wheel throughout the awards season, the Fleabag star shows that you can do just that given good taste and styling. Seen here wearing a Paul Smith tuxedo, with a dark teal green velvet peak lapeled tux jacket with black cummerbund and black satin bow tie, completed with white dress shirt and black patent leather oxford shoes


Prince William
A regular attendee of the BAFTA show since he is its president, Prince William is seen here wearing a tuxedo he has worn before to set an example alongside Kate Middleton, also wearing a gown she's worn before last year. Wearing a satin peak lapeled tuxedo jacket with oversized black satin bow tie along with a crisp white dress shirt and completed with satin trimmed velvet loafers


Adam Driver
In keeping with the show's dress code, Adam Driver is seen alongside his wife Joanne Tucker with a simple but well tailored tuxedo made by Celine, wearing a satin peak lapeled tux jacket, a narrow black satin batwing bow tie, white dress shirt, and completed with black patent leather oxford shoes


George MacKay
Also wearing a trim and simple black tuxedo from Celine, he could be seen wearing a peak lapelled tux jacket precisely cut to his figure along with white dress shirt and a prim satin black bow tie, completed with a pair of black patent leather oxford shoes.

Anthony Welsh
Seen here wearing a Stella McCartney custom black tuxedo - note the single visible button on the notch-lapeled black tux jacket that is off center on the jacket (now you can't unsee it). Complimented with white dress shirt, white pocket square, black hand tied satin bow tie, and single strap black leather monk shoes


John Boyega​
Seen here wearing a silk jacquard tuxedo as bright scarlet as the red carpet. Wearing a tux jacket with flapped pockets, shawl lapels, and black contrasting buttons on the sleeves, as is the white dress shirt but with no bow tie. Topped off with black velvet loafers with no socks, giving the outfit an airy zest


Asa Butterfield
Wearing a black 3-piece tuxedo, with a double-breasted, satin peak lapeled tux jacket with straight, satin trimmed pocket flaps; a black satin waist coat, and, oddly enough, a butterfly wing black satin bow tie, leaving little room for his white dress shirt to peek through all of that. Complemented by a white pocket square worn in solidarity with his dress shirt, and black patent leather derby shoes.

Alex Wolff
The actor, director, writer, and musician is seen here wearing a striking teal blue floral patterned satin three-piece Joshua Kane tuxedo. Shown here with shawl collared low-cut, straight pocket flapped tux jacket and matching high-cut waistcoat, worn over a white dress shirt with an ivory white satin skinny tie. Black patent leather derby shoes complete the look

Daniel Kaluuya
Seen here wearing a black tuxedo designed by Louis Vuitton for this occasion. With shawl collared black tux jacket and no bow tie - he lets the sequin highlights on his black dress shirt's collar edges do the talking, serving to break up his otherwise monotone look completed by black patent leather oxford shoes

Jack Lowden
Exuding prohibition gangster vibes, wearing a midnight blue tuxedo by Giorgio Armani made from cashmere and silk - with a tux jacket featuring over sized black satin peak lapels, and a satin midnight blue skinny tie to match, worn over a navy blue dress shirt. Also worn with a narrow black satin cummerbund, a white pocket square, high waisted oversized midnight blue pants, and black patent leather oxford shoes.

Taron Egerton
Sharply dressed in a sharp Giorgio Armani tuxedo, with a dark purple shawl collared velvet tux jacket, classic black trousers and hand tied black satin bow tie over a white dress shirt. Completed with black patent leather oxford shoes

Mark Strong
Keeping it simple and classic, his tuxedo helped him cut a very fine figure on the red carpet. Wearing a chiselled narrow satin peak lapelled tux jacket with a single button and slanted pocket flaps, along with a narrow butterfly satin black bow tie over an all white dress shirt. Completed by a pair of black patent leather oxford shoes

Michael Ward
In a simple and elegant black tuxedo from Gucci. Wearing a high cut, wide velvet peak lapeled tux jacket along with a matching black velvet butterfly bow tie. Also wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre watch and black patent leather oxford shoes subtly monogrammed by Gucci

Kelvin Harrison Jr
Also wearing a Gucci tuxedo, is seen here with a white high cut two buttoned tux jacket with wide satin peak lapels and straight pocket flaps. Also wearing an over sized black satin butterfly bow tie and black patent leather gold buckled loafer shoes also by Gucci

Taika Waititi
Sharply rocking a navy blue tuxedo from Brunello Cucinelli, wearing a tuxedo jacket with a black satin shawl collar along with a matching hand tied black satin bow tie and a white pocket square to complement his white dress shirt. Completed with a pair of black patent leather loafer shoes

Rafferty Law
Turn heads with a slick black patterned tuxedo from Joshua Kane cut closely to his figure. Rocking a black shawl collared tux jacket alongside a black velvet waist coat with collars that match the jacket fabric. Also wearing a black satin skinny tie along with a white pocket square, white dress shirt, and black patent leather derby shoes




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