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How to Tie a Bow Tie Knot

Most people who have had to use a tuxedo or tailcoat have seen the problem of how to make a perfect bow tie knot. As always, the easiest option is to resort to a custom made a bow tie. But here we are going to expose in a very broad way, how to make this type of knot.
How to tie a bow tie
Bruce Wayne, James bond and Presidents would not be caught dead with pretied bowties, so it is in your best interest to master the skill of tying a bow tie. Below is 6 simple steps to make sure you maser the delicate simple bow tie know ensuring the classiest of all looks.
1. Much similar to a necktie, start by flipping up the collar on your shirt. Place the bow tie around your neck with the any end hanging around 5 cm (2") lower than the other end.
2. The cross step – place your fingers on the longer end of the tie over the narrow end, then wrap the tie behind the gap between the tie and neck region.
3. Fold the shorter part of the tie over the bow
4. Now the wider end of the tie must be folded over the part from step 3.
5. Wrap the tie through the back and again through the gap, create the loop without pulling just yet.
6.Now pull, adjust and tighten for the look you are trying to achieve
How to Tie a Bow Tie Knot
The bow tie was invented in the seventeenth century in Croatia and its main function was to keep the neck of the shirt closed and keeping the neck erect and in the correct position. This invention was quickly adopted by the upper class in France, then become the latest fashion and finally established during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Throughout this time, bowls of different sizes (from 14 to 20 centimeters adapted to the size of each neck) and different materials such as cotton, silk, corduroy, and velvet were made. Today, bow-ties are created even from wood (as they are sold in the 'Winter Wonderland' market in London) or waterproof fabrics as they have in the Topshop Store, although all these may be only for the most daring lads.
Many characters, throughout history, have been part of the fashion of the bow tie and carried it almost daily. Of all the fields and professions we can emphasize, for example, Winston Churchill, who liked to wear it to moles or the designer Karl Lagerfeld, always with a discreet black bow tie holding the long neck of his white shirt. We can also highlight, for example, Federico García Lorca, who always represented in films with his iconic bows.  
The Tricky Knot:
Bow Tie Knot 
The bow tie, also known as bow tie is a strip of cloth that is knotted around the neck so that its two ends remain symmetrically and form a loop. We can distinguish two types of bow ties: the ready tied or clip, and the self-tie or 'tying oneself'. The clips are more informal but also the ones that are seen the most and it is much more difficult to find the self-tie. That is why we are trying to rescue a beautiful tradition that little by little is being lost for the convenience of not learning a simple knot.
Bow Tie Knot  
It is more practical to clip back but you must know how to do the classic knot of the tie. There is also often doubt whether the peaks go behind, otherwise, the peaks go one ahead and another behind. The handmade bow tie also has the charm of not having to be perfect and mixes a kind of distinction and personality that we admire. The bow tie is simplest in appearance, although it is not so simple to make the loop. With these tricks you can easily do it easily in any situation: 
Lift the collar of the shirt and place around the bow tie. Leave the left end a little longer than the right, the cross has to be a little longer. Cross the left end on the right. Now bring the left part back as if we were making the tie knot. Fold the other end in a loop. Pass extreme left over.
This hole that is generated in the back of the loop is where we will pass the other left end.
  Take the end, loop it and pass it through the hole. Stretch with both hands of the loop, which one will be in front and one behind.
Adjust both loops to leave them with the same shape and measure. You can go stretching from one side or the other to make sure they have the desired look, carefully not to undo the knot. Stretching and adjusting will make a perfect knot of the bow tie. Once you have the bow tie as you like, you must lower the collar of the shirt and you are ready to show it off!
Things that every man should know:
Bow Tie Knot   
Even if you think your style is rather discreet, every man should know how to properly knot a bow tie. There are plenty of options, and knowing the full range of knots (in addition to the technique and the occasions on which to wear them) is the key to achieving an elegant look. It is obvious that personal preferences play a fundamental role, but also the occasion, the face shape and the shirt and tie styles.
Bow Tie Knot  
Like everything, making a bow tie is a matter of patience and a little practice to get the perfect bow tie and more suitable for any occasion. Nowadays, bow ties are fashionable men and we can see them constantly on the red carpet. Every day more young men and women are joining this league, such as Mario Casas, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Gosling.   
The bow tie seems like a very simple addition, it is amazingly gratifying to see that we can wear it in our most elegant looks after creating a complex knot ourselves. So come on, complement you tux with a bow tie if you dare to make your own knot!

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