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How to Dress like Clark Gable

We at OTAA look at some of the best dressed Hollywood Stars in history to inspire other men, and who better to serve as a shining example than the legendary Clark Gable?

Perhaps best known for his role in Gone with the Wind as Rhett Butler has been set as a role model for generations to come as the epitome of masculinity, dignity, and mens style during the jump from silent black and white films to colour "talking" films, dominating the silver screen as the "King of Hollywood". Here we show examples of how Clark Gables dresses and what goes behind his style

 Clark Gable during his early days during the 20s wearing a tail coat tuxedo. He was more effeminate during that period and had yet to adopt his famous pencil bar moustache. 

 Clark Gable wearing more normal attire, somewhere in the mid 20s. He is wearing a cut in typical 30s style - double breasted jacket with wide lapels and deep notches. He also wears a collar stay pin, white french cuffed dress shirt, diagonally stripped tie, and white pocket square

 Clark Gable, late 20s. He wears a black double breasted suit jacket wtih peak lapels, likely the same diagonal stripped tie as before, and white pocket square

 Clark Gable during the romantic comedy It Happened One Night (1934) He wears a baggy sporty grey tweed suit with noticeable patch pockets geared towards the height of practicality befitting of a reporter he plays. His suit jacket is peak lapeled with an action back with no vents, worn with a long point collared white dress shirt , a waist coat matching his jacket, and a stripped tie.  

 In a later scene, after confronting the protagonist at the eve of her wedding, Gable wears an elegant black three piece suit made from gabardine, with a single breasted suit jacket with broad peak lapels, worn with a matching waistcoat, black and white stripped tie, and a white pocket square. 


Clark Gable in the 1935 adventure film China Seas as a captain of a tramp steamer. He wears a long sleeved dress jacket that is semi-peaked with narrow lapels, with the back tapered to a point, and non attached loops for shoulder boards, and is similar to the US Navy's dinner dress white jacket. He wears a black cummerbund and a black diamond tip bow tie to complete the look. 

 Gable in a candid photo taken during the 40s. He wears a grey tweed herringbone jacket with notched lapels, and a sweater to take the place of a waistcoat, a trend he likes to use to dress down his outfit. A striped tie completes his outfit along with a white pocket square and silver medical bracelet he likely kept from his service in WW2

 Gable as Rhett Butler in a promotional photo for Gone with the Wind 











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