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How to Dress Like Chris Pratt

Few Hollywood gents are exploding onto the fashion scene quite as rapidly as Avengers actor, Chris Pratt. His masculine preference towards darker, patterned styles is giving his wardrobe a reputation that's as fierce as his dino-fighting role in Jurassic World. 
By all accounts, Chris likes to play to a dark repertoire of tricks that keeps his style looking distinguishable and masculine. His ingenious balance between "blokey-ness" and refinement is setting his wardrobe lightyears apart from his Hollywood comrades who like to play it safe on the red carpet scene. The best way we can sum up Chris Pratt's style philosophy is to take words directly from the man himself: 
"Just be yourself and forget all the stuff you read in GQ Magazine" 
It's often hard to get the formula right when virtually every Hollywood actor is clamouring for recognition but Pratt's fearless perspective on style repeatedly proves that boldness is an ace up the sleeve for blokes who are looking to impress. 
When Chris stepped on the red carpet of the Jurassic World Premiere, it became clear he was pushing the boundaries of formal fashion. What celebrity would pair a striking checkered shirt with a knitted tie and a bold navy suit? Only Chris Pratt, of course. From here, things have only gotten edgier with the actor wearing boots to awards ceremonies and leather to balls. It's becoming clear he's bringing the boldness back into dad fashion. 
On the red carpet, the Jurassic World actor plays it smooth with classic staples and contrasting shirts. A simple black suit and tie is superbly uplifted by an unexpected shirt pairing that subverts expectations. 
Chris Pratt Red Carpet
He routinely schools us that playful patterns don't have to look overly flamboyant if you choose subdued tones and colour palettes. Just pair a checkered shirt with a plain suit and knitted tie and you're on your way to mastering the Chris Pratt style ethos. 
When it comes to understanding the inner workings of Chris Pratt's iconic style, there's a few simple rules and techniques you need to know: 
Get funky with your shirt
Throw your narrow mindset out the window and be prepared to make your shirt the big statement. Chris Pratt is all about subverting expectations and his preference towards bold shirts gives him a distinguishable aesthetic. Think checkers, polka dots and deep colours. Just be prepared to pair it back with a plain tie. 
Chris Pratt Fashion
Embrace texture in your tie
Gone were the days that satins and silks were the only fabrics synonymous with formality, Chris repeatedly shows us that knitted ties are fit for the red carpet and virtually any other occasion. His fearlessness in layering intricate textures on top of his patterned shirts gives him an edge of detail that few other celebs are prepared to deliver. 
  Black Knitted Tie  Dark Green Pointed Knitted Tie Navy Knitted Tie 
Spruce your street style with some leather
When it comes to getting out and about, you can achieve effortless masculinity by pairing your chinos with a black leather jacket. Chris Pratt is the king of sprucing up regular chinos and jeans by topping them with a plain t-shirt and a simple bomber or leather jacket. The smaller accessories like brown leather shoes and sleek watches top off his ensembles with absolute sharpness. 
   Chris Pratt Fashion
Loosen up your buttons 
Whether it's a dress shirt or a casual shirt, Chris Pratt likes to keep his buttons loose in order to produce an edgier style. If his suit and shirt combo is in absence of a tie, he'll make sure to keep it looking carefree by keeping his buttons undone. 
    How to Dress Like Chris Pratt  Chris Pratt Street Style
Keep your upper half dark
Chris no doubt prefers dark colours and there's a distinguishable pattern you can observe when you put his casual styles side by side. He opts for a dark top half and plays around with either jeans and chinos for his lower half. 
 Chris Pratt Leather Jacket Chris Pratt Fashion


When it comes down to it, Chris Pratt's style is a wide reminder to keep things comfortable and true to yourself. His striking mixture of simplicity and masculinity reminds us that it's possible to put your best foot forward whilst still remaining "one of the guys". If more people could embrace Chris' relaxed yet daring attitude toward style, the world would certainly be a sharper place. Cheers to that. 






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