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Gentleman's Guide to getting your Summer Look

Ah summertime, fish are jumping, and the cotton is high. It's a great chance to kick up your loafers and let yourself go. While it's perfectly fine to wear whatever you want while you're in your back yard or within your private spaces (*wink wink), going outside in a social setting is another matter.

We at OTAA feel like we should give a few pointers on how to dress during warm weathers whether it be to a quick jaunt to the nearest bar or to go to a beachside cocktail party. Here is a list on how to dress according to how formal your settings are, from casual to full on formal wear

Starting things off on the shallow end of the pool, there are many ways you can dress in a casual setting - while we understand that people have their own preferences and style, however some ground rules must be set.

Ideally shorts should be just above the knees, though an inseam measurement could vary from person to person since everyone is built differently. Materials can vary from denim to chino fabric.

And while T-shirts are also perfectly fine, you can try other alternatives such as a smart-looking polo shirt, a short sleeve henley, or a light weight cotton button up shirt like a cuban shirt, or a hawaiian shirt. Just be mindful that your shirt fabric is not thin enough to show any unsavory underneath, in which case please wear an undershirt

Sometimes when the sun goes down, one might need to have a pull over or a light jacket to brace against the chill. You can opt for a nylon bomber jacket, windbreaker, chambray cotton jacket, denim jacket, or a harrington jacket

Trousers are also acceptable in a casual setting, and there are alternatives to just denim - for example you can go with linen or light chinos. Do make sure however that your pants are not excessively big or baggy as that would only make wearing them unbearingly hot or cumbersome

Thongs, flip flops, or sneakers are fine in this setting - be mindful however that there are more alternatives to footwear including boat shoes - these are shoes that are made originally made for wearing on sailboats back when it is a favourite past time of the rich, and they have wave patterned soles for gripping the polished boat decks.

Business casual

So this is where things start to get serious. The general rule here is to start paying attention to colour and pattern pairing to make sure your outfit is more cohesive. Make sure to stick closely to light coloured and light weight clothing to keep yourself cool during the heat

You may still hold on to wife-beaters or t-shirts at this point but wear them with a blazer or suit jacket. Also, a sharp polo shirt will go a long way, along with button-down shirts whether long or short sleeved.

As above, you can wear either suit jackets, blazers, or sports jackets to dress up an otherwise casual shirt or outfit. Again, stick with lightweight and possibly moisture-wicking fabrics like linen and also make sure your jacket is unlined too

Trousers could again be made from linen, denim or light chinos. However, make sure they are no rips or obvious fading.

In this setting, it is a good idea to stick with closed toe footwear, so flip flops, sandals, and crocs (ugh) are out. Shoes should be made from canvas, suede, or leather, and in this setting, it is still acceptable to wear no socks or hidden socks. 
This is the part where you need to keep it together. Once again, the focus is to staying cool while looking good. A good example is to look at Milanese or Sicilian style suiting, since these two locales often contend with scorching afternoons around mid-90s Fahrenheit. You'd want to stick with light fabrics like linen, cotton, or even polyester.

In this setting, it is unacceptable to wear any form of T-shirts or casual shirts - shirts must be button down and long sleeved, which can then be rolled up. Also opt for pastel colours if possible
(example of an unlined jacket)

Unlined jackets may have little to no form, possibly making one look sloppy so consider opting for a half-lined suit jacket instead. Keep to lighter colours and rely on accessories like pocket squares or ties to add a pop of colour here and there. You may also consider a jacket with more venting at the back and a looser than usual fit to keep yourself cool

These can be cuffed or done with no break - having shorter pants and showing ankles is acceptable in warmer climes and also gives you a chance to show off your socks. As per usual, belts should coordinate with shoes

Traditionally socks should be the same colour as the trousers, but one could have some leeway in making a stylish statement with quirky patterns or bright zany colours. Be sure to choose socks with light fabrics such as ones we have in store right now here. As for shoes, stick to the tried and true dress shoes although loafers makes it easier to wear around in hot weather.
(Examples of leather loafers)
So there you have it - the guidelines to dressing well for different social settings that can be timeless, essential, and practical. Remember to always stay cool during the summer, and of course, look good doing so



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