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Business Class in Style - Top Airlines to travel on while up in the air

lying in business class is a luxury that is not accessible to many, but it is an outstanding experience of individualized cabins, space abundance, exclusive entertainment and culinary services that far exceeds the classic “Chicken or Pasta?” that you have all swallowed some time.
For those who want their trip to be an exquisite pleasure and do not care the cost of air travel, I have taken a look at the business class of the best airlines in the world. This ranking is based on recommendations from both the passengers and industry experts who traveled on these airlines and evaluated the benefits, both in terms of comfort and efficiency of their flights.
             Emirates Business Class          
The business class of the A380 of Emirates Airlines is the perfect definition of luxury in air travel. With the touch of a button on the screen, the seat becomes a bed or can be adjusted in multiple positions for great comfort. On the contrary, a minibar is also available on each seat and has large screens for thousands of entertainment options.
Qatar Airways
                       Qatar Airways Business Class                       
Qatar Airways is the second best airline in the world. Its business class is the one that has won most awards. It offers “King Size” seats where you will be attended like a king. It has a large workspace where you can navigate through various options. Before boarding you will enjoy a special lounge of Qatar Airways at the airport, to make the experience even more satisfying.
Singapore Airlines
                         Singapore Airlines Business Class                             
Considered as the best airline in Asia, it also has the privilege of having the best seats in business class. Flying in Singapore Airlines is a lifetime experience because it’s standard of services and quality are very high. Therefore, its business class is one of the best in the world. It offers the largest space so you are able to stretch your legs well and reach the destination in great comfort.
Etihad Airlines
                          Etihad Airlines Business Class                             
Flying to approximately 96 destinations around the world, Etihad is famous for its luxurious seats that convert to six feet flat beds in each of their business suites with the touch of a button. Some of its special features include noise reduction headphones and ambient light in the cockpit that adjusts to keep passengers well rested. On the contrary, chefs from the best restaurants in the world are recruited to serve you on the flight.
Cathay Pacific Airways
                 Cathay Pacific Airways Business Class                            
Cathay Pacific offers one of the most innovative and exclusive business class design. The comfort of its seats is unbeatable and has numerous compartments to store the luggage a traveler wants, without compromising on space nor of connection for the electronic devices to work on board with all the comforts.
Turkish Airlines
                      Turkish Airlines Business Class                    
This airline has invested a lot of effort to be among the best airlines in the world, hence its business class deserves to be highlighted in this selection. The modern Boeing 777 of Turkish Airlines offers big screens and great privacy stand to ensure utmost comfort during air travel. It has several reading lights and buttons for massage. Do not forget an exquisite menu on board, designed by renowned international chefs.
                      Qantas Business Class                      
Headphones that isolate the noise and best meals on board with the quality of a restaurant make the Qantas Airline. This Australian airline is famous for its business class seats for privacy and ample space to stretch the legs. There is a linen service with pillows, blankets, and a sheepskin mattress for a comfortable sleep.  
Virgin Australia
                      Virgin Australia Business Class                     
It was awarded for the best airline for business class, the main advantage of flying with Virgin Australia is the bed with its triple layer seat cushion supported by a special structure, which guarantees a comfortable sleep. It offers plenty of space for appliances and discussions. In addition, you can place the computer on the same table where you eat.
Air France
                       Air France Business Class                    
You will forget travel exhaustion if you fly with French airline.  Its business class has foam beds and toiletries ready to use. There is also a table with seating where you can share the meal with a friend.
Undoubtedly, these recommendations will be very useful for your next holiday or a business trip. So, if you have not yet booked a ticket, you already have some ideas on where to do it. Knowing the difference between different airlines can mean a pleasant and comfortable journey or an unbearable experience that will make the minutes seem centuries.

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